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Bye Bye CSBs, 36 Million Strong and #Moneytalk

The government is investigating whether they should abandon the Canada Savings Bonds program, and when I heard that, I could think was, What will all the Grandmas invest in now? There is about $500M worth of unclaimed CSBs out there still, too? Remember the good old days when CSBs paid out

CSBs Ready to Save
1980 Nov S35 11.50%1981 Nov S36 19.50%
1982 Nov S37 12.00%1983 Nov S38 9.25%
1984 Nov S39 11.25%1985 Nov S40 8.50%
1986 Nov S41 7.75%1987 Nov S42 9.00%
1988 Nov S43 9.50%1989 Nov S44 10.50%
1990 Nov S45 10.75%

Yes, remember those heady days when CSBs paid 19.50%. I do! I also remember 15% mortgage rates. However, for all those lovers of CSBs, don’t lament. You can still buy them this year and set up a payroll savings program too! The population of Canada is now over 36 million, according to Stats Canada. We added 139,645 from April to July of this year! Now that is an immigration boom (or one hell of a baby boom!). Funny, it doesn’t feel that crowded, but I don’t live in Toronto either.

In Ottawa, the Glebe has decided that the stores in that area can open on Thanksgiving (and on five other holidays). Do we need that many days to shop? I remember not shopping on Sundays.

The only comment I can make about the American election is, what I have said previously, Overt Zealotry of any kind (religious, political, or any other) worries me a great deal. How is everyone so darn sure they are right?

Stuff I wrote this week

Another somewhat lazy week for me. However, I have many more ideas percolating in my brain (including one where I am asking MPs questions). Still, this week, I wrote about the Shocking Electricity Price in August (CPI Canada). Ontario is leading the way with ludicrous price increases for electricity.

I continue to get comments and questions from my article CRA Child Disability Benefit (How To). Hopefully, folks are being helped by it (it is one of my favourite articles).

Now is the Autumn of our Financial World

Some good articles were written this week, well worth a read to help broaden your financial horizons.

2016 Random Thoughts

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