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Thanksgiving, Knuckleheads, Debt & the Buddha & #Moneytalk

This weekend we celebrate the harvest in Canada, with our version of Thanksgiving. At this time, we need to remember the turkey, and the contribution it makes to our festive tables. Traditionally for Canadians this weekend is a time for families and friends to get together (nothing compared to our raucous neighbours Thanksgiving in November, however) and remember that charity at this time of plenty is important as well.

Beer Throwing Incident
There is no call for this, no matter how drunk (or stupid) you might be.

The ugly side of sports showed itself as a Blue Jay fan chucked a beer can (and almost hit) an unsuspecting Orioles player. As a lifetime Expos fan, I am unimpressed, and if I saw anyone do that at a ball game, I’d point them out to the authorities. Come on Torontonians figure out who the culprit is and do the right thing. The only Knucklehead at the Jays game should be R.A. Dickey!

It is also Oktoberfest in my old stomping grounds of Kitchener/Waterloo (and Germany) (a good use of beer, as well). This wonderful fall tradition starts (officially) on Thanksgiving weekend. Allegedly, the PM himself will be tapping the first keg.

The big financial news for the week was Minister Morneau Announces Preventative Measures for a Healthy, Competitive and Stable Housing Market, which we shall see how it impacts the bubbling house markets in some cities in Canada.

Stuff I wrote this week

I had grandiose plans of writing a bunch of stuff this week, but life does sometimes get in the way of my best laid plans. It’s not quite what I had in mind (Financially) outlines how some folks settle for bad service, with their money, and they should not. You worked hard to make that money, fight to make it do the most for you.

I keep asking the same question on Social Media, but I never get an answer, RDSP: Question for Canadian Big Banks, asks why is the RDSP such a piss poor program at most banks? I have yet to have anyone from a bank respond to it.

Deep Financial Tweets

Time to Start New Year Financial Planning

I am not kidding the Christmas season is upon you, and you had better start your new year plan for  your finances now!

Thanksgiving Video

Yes, this is American Thanksgiving, but still my favourite punch-line from WKRP in Cincinnati

2016 Random Thoughts

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  1. I think Beth was right , the man behind him is suspiciously . i bet the man from behind is the suspect of throwing the can. >:(

  2. I am not convinced the man who has been charged with throwing the can is guilty. He is drinking from a plastic cup in some of the photos and does not appear to have a can. A man behind him is smiling and looking down at a space where a person could be crouched down in another photo. Could the croucher be the thrower?

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