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Polar Vortexes, Minimum Wage and #MoneyTalk

Over the Christmas holiday Ottawa and Southern Ontario were in the grips of the two words Canadians fear worse than Personal Debt and that is Polar Vortex. It was that bone chilling, battery killing and skin burning cold that we expect in Mid-January, but here it was over Christmas. I have lived through this before, but as I said in 2008 when the markets crashed, it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

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My Exact Sentiments for 2018

With the new year comes many new Government initiatives, and in Ontario that means the minimum wage moves to $14 an hour. There are also new rules about sick leave. What will be the impact of these changes? Currently we have one view that says this will make life easier for those working for a minimum wage, and the counter view that 60,000 jobs will be lost due to this pay increase (according to the Bank of Canada). Time will tell whether this change will make things better for employees, but the early returns suggest the employers are not overly pleased with the changes.

My opinion on the increase in costs to small businesses is that it may introduce more automation in many businesses, and we are already seeing this is companies like McDonald’s with their automated ordering system in store. If costs become prohibitive, businesses will adapt and find cheaper ways to do things, or go out of business. Will this help folks who receive minimum wage? My fear is all this will mean is the elimination of many jobs (or the closing of many small businesses), but I hope I am wrong.

An impromptu survey by me, suggests some small businesses are simply passing the extra cost on to their customer base, by raising their fees.

There was a chance that my last pay cheque of the year might be zero, thanks to the Phoenix pay system, luckily, for me, that did not happen.

The good news is that the Rideau Canal is finally open. Unfortunately, it is -20C a high, so not many folks are going to be skating on it!

Stay warm this weekend, and check on your neighbours too.

My Recent Writings

I took a little time off over the holidays, although I did put out a few articles. I did put out my normal Merry Christmas statement for 2017. Christmas can be very commercial, but to me it means a time for family, and a time to remember those who may not be with us any more. Happy New Year 2018 I decided to point out that I have been at this for a while, and linked to as many of the Happy New Year articles I have written and the New Year’s Resolution articles as well. Yes I really have been at this for over 12 years.

I broke one of my rules of writing with Financial Predictions 2018, by publicizing my guesses as to what this year might hold financially. I try not to go for too much click-bait but the devil took the wheel for a while.

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