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Steady Interest Rates, Spring Forward and #MoneyTalk

Interest rates continue to stay at 1.25% for the overnight rate, (March 2018).I suspect that, given the economy’s current state, we won’t see another rate hike for a little while. Their statement seems to imply that they are unsure where things might be going in the next little while.

Time to Spring Forward

Inflation is running close to the 2 per cent target and the Bank’s core measures of inflation have edged up, consistent with an economy operating near capacity. Wage growth has firmed, but remains lower than would be typical in an economy with no labour market slack. Inflation is fluctuating because of temporary factors related to gasoline, electricity, and minimum wages

Bank of Canada March 2018

This seems to point a wagging finger at Ontario’s minimum wage increase, but it asks why wages normally don’t go up given how few unemployed folks are out there. We seem to live in interesting economic times.

Belated Happy International Women’s Day! As the father of 3 wonderful women, and the proud son of a trailblazing woman (my mother had a Statistics Degree in 1951, which was a rarity), I stand in awe. Do we have wage parity? Nope. Do we have gender equality? Nope. I think we still have a lot of work to do.

It is not only Tax Season again; it is that weekend when the clocks go forward (in most places in Canada and the US). There is talk of sticking with Daylight Savings Time, we shall see where that might leads, but if you won’t put your clocks forward you will be late all day Sunday.

My Recent Writings

Luckily I got something interesting in the mail to write about this week, with RDSP Statement of Grant Entitlement . Once you have gotten through the DTC maze, set up an RDSP and started putting money in it for your loved one, this is the most important document you will receive every year (aside from any reassessment notices from the CRA of course).

Micro Blogging on Finance

If you somehow think that the Government is going to escape the Phoenix Pay system debacle unscathed, I don’t think the media in Ottawa is going to allow that to happen.

Anniversaries and Such

March is a busy month in my family for birthdays and for the anniversary of this very web site too. Stay tuned, I might even celebrate that this year.

That Time Again

Rick Mercer really does capture the nuances of the tax season with this one from the archives.

The New 2018 Random Thoughts

End of 2017 Random Thoughts

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