Potholes, Tuition Increases, and #MoneyTalk

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February’s new symbol in Ottawa is the Pothole. Due to the quick temperature swings we have been experiencing, the roads are slowly deteriorating and the size of the potholes cannot be discerned until you hit it. I think the big money will be in realignment, hub replacements and tire repair, because some of these pothole (or sinkholes) are quite deep.

Pot Holes are getting out of Control Here in Ottawa (Photo Courtesy CBC News)

My Alma Mater (the University of Waterloo) announced their new fees schedule, and tuition and all associated fees continue to track higher than inflation. Undergraduate tuition will rise by about 3% however, co-op fees will rise by 2.8%. If you are planning to help your kids with University Costs, you need to know that you should plan for these kind of  tuition increases every year. Don’t mean to pick on Yuppy U., but at least they publish this information.

RRSPs continue to be the non-topic for February, with few if any ads being seen. There are more ads for PayDay Loans and Short Term Loans than there are for RRSPs. The only thing people care about less is the Roll up the Rim at Timmy’s, what is going on Canada? Next thing I’ll hear is that a Canadian Tuxedo has gone out of fashion!

The CRTC has rejected a call for a public inquiry into aggressive tactics by the big Telcos and Telecomm companies? Must mean that the frequent visitors at my front door, on my phone and in my mailbox must be my imagination, well that puts my mind at ease. The Canadian Telcos have it too darn easy, and what we pay for Mobile Phone, Internet and Cable is just too damn high.

This Flu season does seem to be a nasty one, with a second round coming at us. I have noticed more folks sick at the office, and more folks coming to work to share their illness too. I got a flu shot for the first time this year, so far I don’t seem to have caught the Flu, but I guess I might be speaking prematurely?

Tangerine went a bit berserk a week or two ago and sent me countless tax forms in my emails (in both languages). I only have 1 account so not sure why I got that many emails, but got an email saying they knew they sent them, but no real explanation why.

My Recent Writings

I guess I got caught up in the Olympics and work, and ended up not writing anything new this week, but as I have mentioned, if you follow my twitter feed you will get a large dose of my archives as well. Remember that RRSP season can also be RRSP Re-Balancing season too.

Micro Blogging on Finance

The City of Hamilton is looking into limiting the number of PayDay loan places, and I am all for it. Our friend Doug Hoyes spoke, but this graphic really did hit me.

Financial Lent Continues

Are you trying anything new financially during this season of Lent? I’d like to give up Potholes, but I don’t think that counts.

Scary Stock Markets?

Preet B. made another fine video for the Globe to help reassure new investors, and it is well worth watching.

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  • Pellrider February 24, 2018, 7:18 AM

    Timmys is not Canadian anymore! People know that. Then the ones buy coffee complains about not winning.We are lucky to have free flu shots. It may not be 100% effective. I usually get it every year. So far so good. People are just realizing TFSA is better for lower and middle income people.


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