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RDSP, Easter, Thanks Rusty and #MoneyTalk

My wife found a great article about RDSPs, What happens to our sons and daughters with disabilities when we die from Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network. The title is quite literally what most parents of kids with disabilities wake up worrying about at 2 AM (or at least the ones I have spoken to). It points out that the RDSP program has only a 29% participation rate (for folks who have DTCs), which is depressing. What is the cause of this? Maybe it is hard to set up, or maybe folks aren’t aware of it? I asked my Member or Parliament that question, haven’t heard anything back.

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Easter is here, and for most of us it is a time of reflection and then a feast. If you are not so inclined remember it can be a time of reflection and starting new things like:

  • Seeing which credit cards you don’t use, and then cancelling them. I don’t want to hear from anyone about how this hurts your credit score, that is nonsense. If it does, you have 1 less way to get further in debt, so it is a fair swap.
  • Look at your health situation, and then plan an exercise or diet regimen (that you can live with for the rest of your life) and implement it. You can plan your retirement all you want, but if you are dead before it happens, you have wasted your time.
  • An easy one is look at all the worrying you did in the past little while, did it change anything, aside from ruining a good night sleep? Maybe it is time to find a way to stop that? Talk to a professional if you really have problems in this area (I speak from experience).
Rusty Staub
Farewell Rusty, hope you hit them all over the Right Field Scoreboard at Parc Jarry

Baseball begins again, on a sad note with the passing of my original baseball hero Rusty Staub. Mr. Staub was a class act, I met him once many years later in Pittsburgh, and he kindly listened to me blather about my childhood memories and thanked me for telling him. We shall miss Le Grand Orange.

In an odd financial twist, my first bank account was a Young Expos bank account, with the Bank of Montreal. Mr. Staub was the spokesperson for that account.

While my beloved Montreal Expos still are not on the field, I am starting to become a Blue Jays fan (don’t worry I will never be a Blue Team Hockey fan, my Montreal DNA will not allow it). Hope the games speed up a bit this year, I am tired of watching 4 hour games.

The repercussions of the Facebook data debacle continue on, but luckily their founder is showing a great deal of humbleness in Vanity Fair. He isn’t wrong, but does that mean he should crow about how stupid people are? Doesn’t mention how their Android app used the Operating System “flaws” to track calls and data transfers either, so maybe it isn’t completely your fault?

My Recent Writings

Didn’t write much this week. I have started a whole bunch of things, but nothing worth reading yet. I keep meaning to finish my writing, but life does get busy.

Micro Blogging on Finance

A heart wrenching story about what folks have to do day-to-day just to keep their kids safe.

Never got an answer from my MP from this tweet either.

Easter Arrives

Easter is here, time to restart, or start new things.

Kids and Money

I don’t think I will ever be able to convince an “A List” celeb to appear in a video about money, but Kate McKinnon does a nice job with these kids.

The New 2018 Random Thoughts

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  1. We’ve been battling governments for years to allow our blind son since birth (1967) to apply for disability. The company I worked for does not recognize blindness as a disability. You really think some outfit is going to help us out at this point in time?

    1. So from this web page it seems that your son is disabled in the eyes of the Federal Government. The company you work for isn’t recognizing blindness as a disability? That seems very odd, indeed.

      If your son does not have a DTC, fill in the forms, and get a Doctor or Nurse practitioner to sign it.

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