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How Cheap Are You?

Another classic from 2007, asking the question are you cheap or just frugal?

Just how cheap are you? What is the cheapest thing that you do or have done (and are proud of it too)?

I have a cell phone for work that I have had charging at work for a while, and never thought twice about it. Then one day, I realized, “Why am I charging only my work cell phone here?”, so now I charge my personal cell phone at work as well. Is this fraudulent use of company resources? Don’t think so, but it is being darn cheap!

Why is cheapness frowned upon? Isn’t it our money, so trying to keep it, shouldn’t be a bad thing, but holy cow, the funny looks you get when you tell someone just how cheap you are, and the “I’d never do that” looks you get? Lighten up folks!

The other thing that I still do, that I learned from my mother that I have spoken about before is the emptying of old ketchup bottles into the new one. Yup, I sit there and decant the remaining dregs of the old ketchup bottle into the new one. How much ketchup am I saving? I don’t know, but it makes me happy. Now my mother also used to mix old cereals together into the new ones as well, so you’d end up with Cheerio/Shreddies/Puffed Rice in your cereal in the morning as well, but you get used to it, and you save a little money too.

So what cheap things do you do?

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  1. It’s funny that you mention charging the cell phone at work… a few years ago, my former employer sent out an email to all employees suggesting that people charge their work cell phones in their own cars as opposed to in the office to save electricity! It was a pretty good joke around the office for a while 😉

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