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Random Thoughts: Let the Madness Begin!

It’s a Mad House, A MAD HOUSE!!!

NB: You must read that title like Charlton Heston is screaming it in a movie, to get the full effect.

A weekend of Basketball Nirvana here in Ottawa begins with NCAA March Madness games and then slides into the CIS Men’s Basketball championships going on at Scotiabank Place. If you want to see basketball, Ottawa is the place in Canada to see it this weekend.

If you live in Ottawa and own a house you also better have paid your property taxes as well. Income tax season also continues to roar ahead for Canadians, but is that all we have to worry about? The Canadian dollar is almost at parity with it’s American Cousin, and our Gasoline prices are back to $1 per litre again, while our temperatures are more akin to May in Ottawa, not March. All in all a very interesting week here in the Nation’s Capital.

My Views on March Madness

What do the Financial Bloggers have to say this week?

  • Michael James shares his views on Hot Water Heater: Rent vs. Buy, which I witnessed firsthand (OK I saw the end where the new water heater was in place). If this had happened to me, I am confident my basement would have looked like a scene out of Waterworld.
  • Million Dollar Journey got the geek in me all a quiver with their post Free iPhone Apps that Save You Money (Canadians), because even though I don’t have an iPhone, I do have an iPod Touch, and they work mostly on there as well. Quicken has a client for the iPhone as well, if you are part of the Quicken Cult.
  • Preet at WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo answers a Reader Question on Multiple RRSP Accounts, which points out that (A+B) * C is the same as (A * C) + (B * C), for those who like Math (but if C is Zero, then who cares?)
  • The Canadian Capitalist points out that even in Index Funds you can have some “issues” say with Tracking error in TD e-series Funds, Part 1. This is of interest to me as I do own these funds, well worth a read.
  • Larry MacDonald suggests that Economic lift-off may be delayed, due to the tight money policies in the states. True, but now that Canadians can buy Americans so cheaply, maybe Canada will kick start the American economy?
  • The Canadian Couch Potato asks How Much Risk Do You Need to Take? which discusses the always interesting discussion about the balance you should have between fixed income and equities. You mean I shouldn’t have all my money in International Buggy Whip?
  • Gail V-O points out that if you can’t live within your means, maybe you should Quit Your Unsustainable Life, but you already knew that, didn’t you?
  • Canadian Financial DIY asks, is Inflation at 4% to be the New Normal?, that would be nice, except then you can kiss big pay raises good bye too

Have a hoopy weekend.

CPI Numbers on Monday

Stats Canada will publish their Consumer Price Index today, but I will have my regular post about that on Monday.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I hope Michael’s basement wasn’t as awful after the flooding as Waterworld the movie was. Cheers!

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