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Unemployment Up Again to 8.0% March 2009

This was written in April of 2009, as the bleak financial implosion was continuing. The times were worrisome, as I was unemployed at the time as well.

The bleak  employment data from Stats Canada continues to get worse, with unemployment  rising by 0.3% to a 7 year high of 8.0%.

Over 61,000 jobs disappeared which created the 0.3% jump this past month.

For those of us in Ontario the news is bleak:

Employment in Ontario edged down by 11,000 in March. Since October, declines have totalled 171,000 (-2.5%), mostly in full-time work. Although the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.7% in March, it has risen 2.0 percentage points since October, an increase similar to that of British Columbia and Alberta.

That number is huge, 171,000 jobs disappeared, which is very worrysome for folks like me that are looking for jobs.

Hope in Easter

For most this is a long weekend (or even an EXTRA long weekend if you take Monday off as well), but for Christians it is the beginning. Easter is the cornerstone of the Christian belief system, and I will be celebrating that as well this weekend. Sunday is also the end of Lent, so your Lenten Financial challenge will end then as well. Remember it is good to review how your challenge went and whether you wish to continue on with the challenge (if you were particularly successful).

Remember, Easter is a new beginning and you can use this time with your Personal Finance as well. About 8 years ago my wife and I started a new eating regimen and managed to lose over 160 lbs. between us (and have managed to keep most of it off), so using Easter as a starting point is a very good thing as well.

Due to my enjoyment of this weekend, there may be a post on Friday and on the weekend, but I make no promises.

Tax Time Cometh Soon

Remember your filing date looms on April 30th, have you done your taxes? Now might be the time! I did mine with  Quicktax this past weekend and now we wait to pay the man. The sooner you get it done, the better.

What’s funny is I did taxes for everyone in my family, yet I still have 4 returns I can do with Quicktax (they only count a return as someone who made over $25K), too bad I can’t transfer that to next year.

Previous Months Unemployment for 2009

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