November 2009 Employment Numbers: A Festivus Miracle!

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Stats Canada put out their numbers for November on Friday and they were much rosier than expected and better than our friends down south as well.

Employment rose by 79,000 in November, bringing the unemployment rate down 0.1 percentage points to 8.5%. Despite November’s gain, employment was 321,000 (-1.9%) below the peak of October 2008.

Hey let’s not get over the top here, more people employed is a good thing!

November Numbers Better
November Numbers Better

The numbers are quite interesting to browse (if you click on the graph you’ll go to the Stats Can original info), but the one thing I liked seeing was:

Most of the gain in overall employment in November was among women aged 25 to 54 (+51,000) and men aged 55 and over (+17,000).

Hooray for us old guys!!! You young ladies keep plunking away too!

Unemployment Down

This month the number crunchers got the unemployment numbers to go down (which is not always the case even when employment numbers are UP).

November Unemployment Down
November Unemployment Down

Down only 0.1 percent, but it’s a good thing considering our friends to the south are celebrating their increase is not quite as big!

A Big Table

Here we are by sector, an interesting hunk of info. The area to look at is Finance, insurance, real estate and leasing, which means the financial sector is rebounding nicely… is that a good thing is the question?

 October 2009November 2009Oct to Nov 2009Nov 2008 to Nov 2009Oct to Nov 2009Nov 2008 to Nov 2009
 Seasonally adjusted
 thousandschange in thousands% change
Class of worker      
Public/private sector employees      
All industries16,794.816,873.979.1-257.50.5-1.5
Goods-producing sector3,708.33,714.56.2-295.50.2-7.4
Natural resources301.7307.55.8-37.41.9-10.8
Services-producing sector13,086.413,159.473.
Transportation and warehousing819.9818.3-1.6-26.6-0.2-3.1
Finance, insurance, real estate and leasing1,118.01,
Professional, scientific and technical services1,196.91,206.910.0-11.60.8-1.0
Business, building and other support services639.0641.32.3-22.80.4-3.4
Educational services1,196.51,234.437.940.73.23.4
Health care and social assistance1,955.11,959.
Information, culture and recreation785.1781.8-3.325.3-0.43.3
Accommodation and food services1,034.51,040.86.3-32.40.6-3.0
Other services785.5779.5-6.016.9-0.82.2
Public administration923.8935.

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  • Monty Loree December 7, 2009, 6:58 AM

    Unemployment is such a hard thing to talk about..
    I’m sure companies are still in debt up to their necks.. only after companies can repair the balance sheet will they be in a strength position to hire.

    That’s going to take a while. IMO


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