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Random Thoughts: Standing on Guard for Thee

The Tories said they are reviewing the lyrics of O Canada, while the economy is just recovering and the Government has blown more money than Paris Hilton on a shopping spree in Paris, is possibly either the most outstanding strategy ever, or the dumbest. I am not sure which. How many Canadians are worried that “… in all thy sons command…” is not inclusive, is more important than where the Economy stands, and the size of the national debt? I am sure some are losing sleep over our National Anthem, but frankly, it doesn’t grease my wheels much (but then again, I have a son, and he is commanding, so maybe I am biased).

With glowing hearts, we read many great postings this week written by financial bloggers, from the true North strong and free. From far and wide, we searched to find those posts that stood on guard for us:

Remember folks, there is a new budget and maybe soon we’ll have a new, non-descript, non-threatening and boring National Anthem. I suggest that we hire John Tesh or Air Supply to write it! Have a great weekend.

Don’t You Usually Comment on the Budget?

Yes, I’ll wait until Monday to comment on the budget. It seems I have walked into another cost-cutting world. Wonder if the Public Sector’s lay-off scares are worse than in the Private Sector?

For parents, one cool thing is that your estate can transfer (after your death) from your RRSP to your disabled child (or Grandchild’s) RDSP. This will be a very good thing for those with disabled kids or grandkids.

Random Thoughts from 2010

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  1. Thanks for the link. Words can’t describe how stupid this anthem rewrite idea is. I can only guess it got floated to “take our minds off” of important things like the economy, deficit etc.

  2. As a Canadian female, I am slightly insulted by the fact that only sons are mentioned. I think, however, that this is more a reflection of the time in which the anthem was written. It speaks to the history of our country, which, like most others, hasn’t always treated women as it should.

    As an agnostic Canadian, I’m surprised we don’t hear more opposition to the God reference. That’s not very inclusive either and it was only added more recently.

    As a Canadian, I’m not the least bit concerned with either of my first 2 points. But I am concerned that my country took a long time to balance its books and blew it all in one year on bailouts for industries as unhealthy as the auto sector.

    I live in one of the (former) automotive capitals of Canada and I don’t care to support the industry as it stands today. I may have to pay the taxes that result from the bailout, but I rebel via my 2 Nissan vehicles.

  3. I’d like to point out that O Canada is not very sensitive to people frightened by the sound of the letter A. Couldn’t it be rewritten to avoid this letter? Similar to the “free” life insurance, I’m offering free(*) $20 bills.

    * Must promise to give my wife $25 for each free $20 you take from me.

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