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Random Thoughts: Let’s all skate!

Now that the Rideau Canal Skateway has opened for its 40th year of operation, we can say that Winter has come to Ottawa. The canal is one of those things that you assume is there and when it is not, you wonder why not. Will I skate on it this year? I don’t think so, but it is still a possibility (however slim that might be) that I may.

Given the horrible sites we are seeing on TV from the Haitian earthquake, I urge my readers to find Aid Groups (the Red Cross, or your Church) and give what they can to help out. For those who are going there to help, you have my respect and my hope that your good works help those in need.

I Skate through Another Week

Birthday Blogs

Given it was someone’s birthday this week, what was new in the Personal Finance blogosphere? Let’s poke around and see:

  • Michael James points out that not all Hospital User Fees have anything to do with the care you receive at your hospital. Luckily he didn’t try to buy something in the cafeteria!
  • Larry MacDonald continues this discussion with his post about the Inner workings of walk-in clinics and the other fees you can incur if you simply want a wart removed!
  • Million Dollar Journey is most definitely putting their money where their keyboard is, with My Financial Goals for 2010, I am astounded by his (her?) intestinal fortitude to write that kind of challenge for themselves.
  • Preet at points out that January’s Returns Predict Rest of Year’s Performance 74% of the time, which is an interesting idea. I have found that the team that scores the most points in most NFL games, win, but I can’t be sure.
  • Gene (a frequent commenter on this blog) asked the Canadian Capitalist about Opening a US Dollar Self-Directed RRSP account with Qtrade and the Capitalist (as usual) brings up some important points to consider. Glad to see Gene knows who(m) to ask these kind of questions to (i.e. not ME).
  • Gail Vaz-Oxlade comments on the problems with a prominent golfer with her article Out of the Woods?, OK, it has nothing to do with that, but still an interesting article about the CDIC.
  • Ellen Roseman asks Who has seen the wind? asking if anyone has started dealing with Wind Mobility, I await to see someone say “Yes it works for me”, before I change my carrier.
  • Can Skinner Conditioning be used for aversion therapy to stop folks from buying into Ponzi schemes? Canadian Financial DIY wants to know.

Enjoy the winter!

Random Thoughts from 2010

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  1. And with a warm spell on the way, the skateway may have to be closed pretty soon. Thanks for the mention!

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