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Random Thoughts: Financial Shock Collar?

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As my regular readers see, sometimes my mind wanders to weird places and I must admit I am not sure where most of this came from. On Sunday night at 5:00 PM I had nothing to write for Monday, but looked at the GPS I had just received from Christmas, started writing about a Financial GPS and from their we got to Financial Shock Collars and here we are Friday with a whole week of very odd postings by me.

I empathize with those in dire financial quandaries, but in some cases the Financial Shock Collar may be the only answer. As Mrs. C8j pointed out in a comment she made, a lot of issues with money in couples comes from lack of communication, so maybe it’s time to start talking to your spouse about money? Just an idea.

Random Shocking Thoughts

This week other Personal Finance Bloggers found more solid issues to write about, and some are well worth checking out in this weeks Random Thoughts:

Enjoy your weekend, and remember, if you think you need a Financial Shock Collar, please get some help!

On Monday, Labor numbers which are out today!


  • Canadian Capitalist February 5, 2010, 10:49 AM

    Thank goodness for the writing material the TFSA has provided! Thanks for the mention!

  • Michael James February 5, 2010, 8:52 AM

    Talk to your spouse? About something important? That’s just the kind of crazy stuff I’d expect to see on this blog. Thanks for the mention.

    • bigcajunman February 5, 2010, 9:02 AM

      I blame Obama for that comment about talking to your spouse. It is the continued Oprah-fication of the world.


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