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Random Thoughts: Health Care Week

Health Care in the U.S. but at what co$t?

I am not commenting on the relative cost of the medical service reforms in the states, more on the rifts being created down there about the passing of this bill. People are threatening the lives of their Congressmen and Senators because they voted for this bill. It’s not like they introduced Gun Control, but again the visceral (word of the week) responses to me are staggering.

In Canada we have emotionally charged responses to Ann Coulter’s visit, must be the time of year, lots of folks getting really amp’ed up over issues (especially if you woke up this morning and my financial Guru was dead (to paraphrase an old Nazareth song)).

My Health care Views

Other Bloggers Views

What were the financial bloggers up to? Darn good question let’s see what bee is in their bonnet (for this lovely spring week in Ottawa):

  • Preet follows up on last week’s discussions by the Canadian Capitalist and Larry MacDonalad on ETF tracking errors with his own hastily written post Index Fund Tracking Error Sources (he wrote it on his laptop before catching a flight). He doesn’t mention the one important Fund Manager’s Condo needs a new roof additional cost, but I think it’s implied in the MER.
  • The Couch Potato talks about the folks that they met that are Mutual Fund Refugees, sounds like the Mutual Fund business may take a hit soon (we can only hope).
  • Michael James became very reflective and asked What is The Value of Your Life which he claims was sparked by a discussion he had with me. I value my life infinitely, whether he agrees, you can read for yourself.
  • The Canadian Capitalist asked a tough question How Do You Say Bubble in Chinese and none of his commenters ever did! They complained about his colour scheme and Feng Shui. The answer is 名 泡;泡沫;诈欺
  • Kathryn at Million Dollar Journey wrote about Alignging Your Dreams, Financial and Otherwise sort of like Feng Shui for money (come to think of it)
  • Larry MacDonald is weighing his options when it comes to The dreaded central-vacuum decision, sounds like something I would write. We have a central vac, but are planning on moving the main unit, to the garage, from the basement (thus blowing dust and crud out there).
  • Gail V-O asks Are You Worried About Mortgage Rates?, you should be, if you can’t withstand a hefty increase in the near future.
  • Ellen Roseman writes about Future Shop’s Prcing Error Leads to Reforms which is good to see, especially if they gouged a blind man (that is pretty low, and Karma will get you if you make money that way).
  • Mike at the Four Pillars wrote a topical (for me) post about the Rules For Converting your RRSP to an RRIF which is very useful.
  • Financial Jesus put out a whole bunch of Quotes that make you act including one that is very financial based: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. – Chinese Proverb, same is true for financial planning, and saving!

Other Interesting Sites

I don’t view this site as a Personal Finance site, but it is worth a read if you want to read some interesting “slice of life” stories, The Year of Giving site chronicles a now unemployed man’s journey to give $10 away to folks and share the stories he gets for his $10. I like it, but then again, I enjoy slice of life chronicles like this.

I came across another interesting site, and that is LifeHacker, which has a lot of helpful How To posts like how to tame clutter by asking how much is enough but other interesting stuff as well, good read.

Random Thoughts from 2010

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  1. You linked to a post I wrote over a year ago… believe you me – it is not one of my most recent stuff 🙂

  2. I did that central vac post just after my wife and I had a debate over central vacs and was licking my wounds. I was hoping some readers would chime in with horror stories of expensive replacement parts in constant need of replacement but they all said their parents had central vacs for 20 years and only replaced a part once. I may have to concede defeat (once again).

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