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The Canadian Medical System

So I have been living a similar type of story for my daughter, as this young lady (a speaker at the TED conferences)  lived through, but I didn’t speed things up the way she did, I will write about what I did do, but only after I am sure the surgery has happened, and I don’t accidentally jinx the whole process.

This tale of woe is relatively typical from what I can tell, for everyone in Canada, unless you are a hockey, baseball, football player or some other professional athlete, which more is the pity.

I tend to think that the system in the UK is maybe the best system, where if you have the money or are willing to pay, you can get surgery right away. However, everyone gets access to the system and in the “free” system, the wait times are not as long as we have here in Canada.

The only problem with the Canadian System is the same as the US System. When the system is overloaded like with COVID, nobody gets non-essential surgeries.

When Allison Hunt found out that she needed a new hip — and that Canada’s national health care system would require her to spend nearly 2 years on a waiting list (and in pain) — she took matters into her own hands.

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  1. That is a very interesting talk. The most important test of my ability to network and get what I need from an enormous bureaucracy has been trying to get what my family needs from the Canadian medical system.

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