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Overvalued Housing, EU Trade Deal, Overcharging Banks & Scary #MoneyTalk

So the CMHC came out with a report this week that confirmed what most folks looking for a house already know, and that is Most Canadian Housing Markets Overvalued, Price Growth to Slow Through 2018. Houses being overvalued in major areas of Canada (e.g. Toronto, Vancouver, etc.,) is nothing new, we have been talking about the housing bubble there for years, but now there is talk of this causing a domino effect where other areas housing prices are also increasing (for no clear good reason). Will the new regulations about Mortgages  slow this down? We shall see!

Count Floyd
This Whole Mortgage Thing is SCARY!!! Isn’t it Kids?

Interesting that Belgium is the one country stopping the new trade deal with Canada, and it is not even all of Belgium, it ends up being a small minority holding all of Europe hostage? Interesting how these things happen that way. Evidently there is a compromise that has been reached? We shall see.

Seems the CIBC (specifically CIBC Investor Services Inc) were caught overcharging their customers for Mutual Funds and ETFs dating back to 2002, but because they said it was accidental, they are hoping to not have to pay a penalty? I wonder what would happen if I accidentally forgot to pay my taxes? Food for thought.

Monday is Halloween, you know what that means? Christmas season has already started, to quote Count Floyd, “That sure is scary kids!“.

My Writings for Week Ending October 28th

I did resolve this year to move away from the TD Mutual Fund accounts that I still have open, and the first step I took was moving my Emerg Fund from TD Mutual Funds to Questrade, but I had to wonder about 10 Day Investment Account Transferals, and why does it take that long? It is only one computer talking to another.

Spooky Money Stories

Ooh kids, these are going to be some scary money stories (to paraphrase Count Floyd):

Currency Conversion?

Preet brings us a new video about how you should pay for things while on vacation (or out of country). He sure does draw some fine (and fast) cartoons! Too bad he doesn’t seem to know how a razor works?

A Final Thought on Elections

Trying to stay out of this, but this one, was just too funny

2016 Random Thoughts

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