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Curses Broken, Doomsday, and #MoneyTalk

Holy Cow! (to quote Harry Caray) the curse of the billy goat that was on the Chicago Cubs, has finally been broken (yea curses broken), and I am glad to see it. I remember the 69 Cubs with Billy Williams, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and crew making a run for the playoffs and then getting it all derailed by the Miracle Mets (yes, I am very old), so I was happy to see the Cubbies finally winning it all. It seems to be giving new hope to Blue Team fans as well.

Some think that Doomsday may be much closer after the Tuesday elections in the United States. For the record the Doomsday clock stands at 3 minutes to Midnight, so there isn’t much more wiggle room here, in terms of the big boom”. Let us hope cooler heads prevail, and whatever happens on Tuesday, it doesn’t create the Biblical Apocalypse that some have promised.  In other good news, the new Russian Satan II Missile can’t wipe out Texas or the UK as previously advertised (well, not just 1 of them).  Reading that helped me sleep better (sarcasm).

Just Saying

Evidently there is no such concept as a No Fault Divorce From Europe as the UK PM is finding out. Should be interesting to see where this winding road of interesting quandaries leads.

My Writings for the Week Ending November 4th

What Do Investors Complain About the Most ?Inappropriate investing strategies seems to be a big one (like having a 75-year-old retiree investing in a tech start up?), according to the IIROC. Worth reading, but I suspect that is only the tip of the iceberg, in terms of complaints.

A Money Tweet

What happens when Preet meets up with the Blunt Bean Counter? Why don’t you listen in to find out?

Maybe Bartman Can Go to a Game Too ?

Steve Bartman is the other curse on the Cubbies, maybe he’ll throw out the first pitch next season?

2016 Random Thoughts

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