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Tax Time, Housing Bubbles, Financial Easter and #MoneyTalk

There are folks out there who do not realize it is Tax Time? Yes, it is that time of the year again, so just get it done. I already have my refund, why don’t you have yours?

Where the Hogs End Up

Are you assuming that you can claim all of your dependants? Not if your dependant is called Fluffy or Rover. Get all the tax credits you are due, but make sure you are not gilding the lily on things either.

The bubble is starting in Ottawa, where housing prices are starting to pick up. There is talk of bidding wars and very quick sales, which is interesting to most, but I am not going anywhere. The biggest issue for me is where would I end up living if I sold the Big Cajun Hacienda? I suppose I could live down by the river in a van, but that is starting to get crowded too. There continues to be stories of Toronto Landlords raising rents, but they may end up killing the goose that lays the gold eggs. Doubling rents are only inviting the Provincial and Local Governments to bring in tighter rent controls.

Remember the important financial credo to live by:

Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered

Kind of a special Easter message, for those landlords trying to make it big.

Easter is coming folks, next week the week leading up to the big weekend. Another good time to start rethinking any financial plans you might have.

My Writings for Week Ending April 7th

I didn’t write anything this week, but I continue to clean up a lot of my older writing, and republishing them on social media. You should really be following me on Twitter, I am told I am a delight to read. I also tweet under my own name if you are curious as well (much more raw and rude commentary on life, technology, sports and my own odd humor). What kind of tweets might you see?

A Money Thought

Kerry is getting a little more out spoken in her tweets, but I am liking this side of her. She is showing a lot more moxy and some chutzpah too.

Some Fine Financial Easter Eggs

Spring seems to be coming to Ottawa, but first we must have our April showers, to get those May flowers.

Canada’s Most Deranged Housing Market?

An interesting piece from the National (CBC Columnist Robyn Urback), talking about just how nuts the Toronto housing market has become.

2017 Random Thoughts

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