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DTC Changes, Christmas Present Ideas, Fraud and #MoneyTalk

It seems the CRA and the Minister of Finance are not on the same page. The Minister told Parliament that there had not been any change in Disability Tax Credit (DTC) policies towards Diabetics or any other group. However, the National Post disagrees. They seem to have found an e-mail that seems to imply that the CRA has change their policy towards Diabetics and the DTC. Whether this is true or not, there does seem to be a perception with some of my readers that it is getting harder to get the DTC, especially for parents of kids with Autism.

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My suspicion suggests that the CRA is cracking down on Disability Tax Credit cheats, which I am OK with, but let us hope that folks aren’t getting to vociferous during this crackdown.

If you are having issues getting your Disability Tax Credit , contact Autism Canada about the troubles you are having.

Disability Tax Credit Problems
Are You Having Disability Tax Credit Problems ?

Christmas is about two weeks away, and there are a bunch of great finance books out there written by friends that would make excellent gifts. Nothings says Christmas more than a book that tells folks to stop over-spending (after they have over-spent). Tales from a Bankruptcy Trustee could become your new Christmas Eve tradition, or better still, How the Zombies Saved Financial Christmas (or the Leafs Season, not sure which).

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I went into my archive of over 300 unfinished stories for Pension Income Splitting. It will be a money-saving technique I will use in my retirement, hopefully the tax laws won’t change by the time I retire.

Rampant Upselling was a reaction to a visit to have my Oil Changed at one of the Quick Oil Change places, and being accosted for all of the services that they offer. I have a regular mechanic, but I didn`t have time to make an appointment. Yes these places seem to do a good job, but be prepared to be badgered about every possible service they offer.

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Our happy Bankruptcy Trustee friend has his own list of Christmas gifts.

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Yes, it is about two weeks until Christmas, are you ready? What does ready really mean at Christmas?

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