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Canajun Finances Home » April Ends, Tax Time, Pandemics and #MoneyTalk

April Ends, Tax Time, Pandemics and #MoneyTalk

May Day is almost here when the workers will take control of the means of production! The concept of the Oligarch wasn’t well understood by Trotsky, but maybe it is an idea whose time has come?

Who had war in Europe on their 2022 Major Events bingo card? Just when you thought we might have a respite from the Pandemic, life continues to morph. We have the odd concept of nearly full employment, and folks refusing work? Not sure that is completely true, but unemployment is not an issue currently.

The Pandemic may be over in many folks’ eyes, but for me, I continue to lose at least 20% of my team each week to either exposure or actual cases of COVID. We’ll have to live with this? Do I need to have my team 20% over-staffed? Not sure I like this brave new world.

Ottawa lived through the (alleged) Freedom Convoy, and now we have Rolling Thunder coming to visit. No, it is not Bob Dylans’ Rolling Thunder Review or the bombing campaign over Hanoi, it is a group of Motorcyclists that are protesting. I’ll get back to you on the exact topic, one day.

April 29th is the last banking day to pay your taxes (in 2022). If you owe the CRA, time to pay up, or face interest charges and the like. Go pay your taxes, if you can. April 30th is the CRA’s deadline for 2022. Hopefully you won’t get any errors if you log into the CRA web site.


Some Numbers for the end of April 2022

Inflation (year over year March 2022) 6.7% ⬆️
Bank of Canada Overnight Rate April 13th 1.00%⬆️
Unemployment Rate (as of March 2022)5.3%⬇️
Real GDP By Expenditure (Q4 2021)(quarterly change)1.6%⬆️
The population of Canada (Est Q4 2021)38,526,760⬆️
CIBC current prime rate3.20%⬆️
BMO current prime rate3.20%⬆️
Scotiabank prime lending rate3.20%⬆️
TD prime lending rate3.20%⬆️
Tangerine prime lending rate3.20%⬆️
Some Useful Financial Data for Canadians as of April 29th, 2022

Interest rates are now in the, isn’t that interesting, period. The bank prime is up 3/4% since January, might be time to lock in?

The Latest from Me

Been a quiet year (2022), due to family issues. I am learning far too much about Wills, Power of Attorneys, Homologation, Dementia, and Quebec law in general. When I find time, I will attempt to elaborate on my financial journey of the past year or so.

  • TD Mutual Funds to Directline? thanks to how the E-series funds were going to be dealt with in TD Mutual Funds, I had to move 2 accounts to Direct Line. I should have done this sooner and both moves were, not without some excitement
  • Retiring at 40 FIRE! as a mathematician I felt I could do a version of a “Math Dad Joke”. Didn’t really cause too much of a stir.
  • Inflation at 6.7% March 2022 in Canada remember all those articles I wrote saying it was coming? Well, it did finally arrive. It does prove even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  • RDSP Grant Entitlement 2022 is another in a series about this information for RDSP holders.
  • Did I mention to pay your taxes? Just a reminder, make sure you pay them, or make arrangements with the CRA.

EQ Bank Savings Account
No Bank Fees here though

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Social Media for 2022

Sometimes my Twitter Feed has some oldies that folks get interested in.

With the aging of the population, will Dementia and related topics become more important?

How will your finances work if Dementia creeps in?

Random Thoughts from the Past

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