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Happy Thanksgiving and some #Tweets

Yup, I took Sunday off (not really, I spent most of the weekend driving and doing lots of family stuff), so here is a Sunday/Monday/Holiday post for you, ENJOY!

E.Coli continues to run rampant through the Canadian food supply (OK, just the beef from a specific manufacturing firm). So PSAC is already blaming the Harper Government for laying off all the food inspectors, which should make for some spirited discussions in the house of commons. Just remember to cook your beef very well (for those with English ancestry, no worries about that!).

No Hockey and no Hockey insight for us Canadians, guess we’ll be watching a lot of Lacrosse this winter?

Oh and surprisingly there is corruption in Montreal? Goodness, as I a born in Montreal Québécois, I can assure you the only surprising thing is that it has taken this long for anyone to talk about it. Montreal takes corruption and takes it to new magnificent mutations that Toronto and other Canadian cities wish they could have.

Oh and in my Twitter feed some very interesting nostalgic posts as well:

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

For some, however, Thanksgiving is a terrible time, and that is for the Meleagris Gallopavo, or Wild Turkey (ZZ Top even sings about the horrible Wild Turkey Bite (but I suspect that may not be what they really mean)).

Constantly hiding and ducking from now until January 2nd, think of these poor creatures as you scarf down their kins legs and breasts! Mmmm… kin…

Happy Thanksgiving?
Happy Thanksgiving?

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