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Happy Thanksgiving Canada

What do you do when you are unemployed at Thanksgiving? I suppose I wrote. It was 2008, and I figured I’d just keep writing and see what happens?

Thankfully the markets (in Canada at least) are closed and we can all sit back and enjoy a lot of turkey and family and be thankful for all that we have in our over-abundant lives. 

For some, however, Thanksgiving is a terrible time, and that is for the Meleagris gallopavo or Wild Turkey. Constantly hiding and ducking from now until January 2nd, think of these poor creatures are you scarf down their kins legs and breasts!

Happy Thanksgiving?
Happy Thanksgiving?

Financial Apocalypse Humor

In case you really need a dose of Financial Information, watch this helpful video on how the markets really work in these times of trouble. Go get some coffee, and come back and enjoy these 8 minutes of clarity.

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