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Friday’s Random Thoughts

The week ends with the end of November and the beginning of December. This week we have discussed the Quarterly Personal Finance report. Hopefully, this has helped folks think about how they want to share financial information with their spouse or family (don’t feel you must follow a specific methodology, just that it is a good thing to communicate in this area).

Other interesting points from this week:

  • I was written up in the Globe last Saturday so if you are really curious as to who I am and what I look like dig the paper out of the recycle bin, or read the link at the bottom of this article.
  • Less folks are collecting EI year over year from September last year, by about 4.5%, now does that mean we have more employment or simply less folks getting benefits?
  • Michael James on Money has a very good essay on the Utility of Money, I sometimes wonder if he is writing these solely for me to read, because they seem to be directed at me.
  • According to David Suzuki, we Canadians and our beer fridges are wasting money but also destroying the planet, according to Fox News. All of this fuss over wanting to have a cold brew in the basement while you watch the Habs thump the Leafs? Do I wander into the wilderness and tell David Suzuki to not poop in the woods?

This Week’s Postings

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