Random Thoughts – Leaky Pipes Edition

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Given the two running themes this week have been the leaky plumbing in my house and Advent this should make for a very interesting set of Random Thoughts for the week.


First let me say, this is what makes Canada an amazing country. We are in the middle of a Financial Melt Down of Apocalyptic nature, yet our politicians have felt it was not “all about them” so this Carnival of the Inept is brewed up. The script reads straight out of a Marx Brothers movie (Groucho Harper, Chico Dion, Zeppo Layden and Harpo May), actually that is giving Marx Brothers movies a bad rap.

Plumbing for the Week

For those of you who believe this whole thematic premise was a clever writing trick, I give you the hole in my ceiling!


Leaky Pipes

Leaky Pipes


No they are not leaking now, but just to show I am a blogger of integrity and I don’t just make this stuff up. I note Michael James attempted to steal my thematic concept with his post Enbridge TAPS Program Mishap, very cheap, go strong to the hoop, or don’t go at all!

Advent Financial Calendar Box Day 6

Today we open the box on our Advent Financial Calendar and find a Credit Card bill with a very large total and interest charges on it.

That’s a really crappy thing to find in an Advent Calendar, but if you plan on overspending at Christmas (no one does, but it happens) and think you can simply let it slide because you have a “low-interest” credit card, think again. Once you start a rotating debt strategy resolving it is never easy.

Advent and Christmas are for celebrating life and enjoying family and friends, not for putting yourself into debt or worse. Money may not buy happiness but Debt sure doesn’t either.

Around the Financial Blogosphere This Week

This week there were some very interesting posts, here are but a few:

Clean Air Cash Grab

I note that Daulton McGuinty assumes I have lots of money, so he is going to make me have my two cars checked again for the “Clean Air Cash Grab Emissions test”, before I can renew my registration. I have ranted about this before, but I thought this program was being phased out? Maybe it’s a special just for me? Grumble…

Have a good weekend all!

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  • bigcajunman December 5, 2008, 2:45 PM

    I view any article that talks about “Sex for Entertainment” as implying if not shouting, “AND USE CONTRACEPTION FOR THE LOVE OF SAINT NICHOLAS!!!”. Sex is fun, and more fun when procreation is not an issue.

    Speaking as a Failed Vasectomy person, all contraception has risks, but use it anyhow!!!

  • Monica December 5, 2008, 2:34 PM

    Sex is only cheap if you don’t get pregnant! Raising children for 18+ years is apparently not so cheap.

  • That One Caveman December 5, 2008, 10:14 AM

    That hole looks very familiar – my basement was full of them. Now I’m broke, but there are no holes. Strange flip of the situation. Self-flagellation aside (man, that’s such an awesome word), I’m glad I will have my basement. Hopefully having the office will allow me to earn more and pay it off quicker. Thanks for the mention!

  • bigcajunman December 5, 2008, 7:53 AM

    Well it might be, we shall see, unless there is a huge deluge, we may try to fix it next week, right after we put in the baseboards in the basement.

  • Michael James December 5, 2008, 7:46 AM

    Thanks for the mention. That’s a nice hole in your ceiling. We’ll have to check a year from now to see if it’s still there 🙂


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