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Random Thoughts

A quieter week had some exciting news, but February started quieter than January 2008.

  • We discovered yesterday that the Canadian Federal government is only $508 B in the red thanks to its paying down the debt with the surpluses they have had for the past 10 years. Only 65 more years, and we should have that whole thing paid off.
  • The Canadian GDP is up 0.1% month over month in November as well, in al industries, another sign that the Canadian economy is strong(er) than its American cousins.
  • After finding out that the TD website has an RSS feed that updates and tells you their interest rates, I noticed another interesting thing. The page with the credit card account interest rates has not been updated in over 6 months (May 14 2007)? Interest rates have dropped across the board, yet their credit card rate remains at it’s normal “loan shark like” rates. Interesting.
  • Microsoft is offering to buy Yahoo for about $45 Billion dollars? (MSFT, YHOO) Well, if you can’t beat them, buy them is not a bad idea. Anyone who wants to spend $10 Million they can buy this web site too! Google’s profits are down (GOOG) as well, if you care about such things.
  • I continue to procrastinate about getting Tax software but was interested to see that Intuit responded to the Canadian Capitalist‘s less-than-glowing review of their software package. Good for them. Read what the common folk say and learn from it!
  • In Ottawa, there is a new door-to-door scam involving testing your city water, saying it is full of human excrement, and then attempting to sell you a filtration system. Gotta love it when the “flim-flam” industry comes up with a new scam.

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