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Random Thoughts for the Beginning of 2008

A quieter week to start the New Year of 2008 with not too much going on. However a few interesting notes:

  • Fuel prices continue to soar in Eastern Ontario and Oil on the worldwide market continues to rise as well. Gold is at a new high as well for selling price, wonder if that means I should be melting down and selling off? I don’t think so.
  • Just like in Trading Places, the Orange crop was not affected by the Florida cold snap so those prices should stay down too (this is a great movie to watch and wonder just how realistic it is, and Eddie Murphy when he was funny adds to it as well).
  • Anne Fisher from Fortune thinks this year is not going to be a good year for large pay raises. I have rarely got a “big raise” during a time when “everyone else is getting one too”, I typically get them when I am not even thinking about getting a raise. Remember if you get a raise, don’t just expand your spending to include this new money (a Commandment of Personal Finance).
  • I suggest you go to the National Capital Financial Bloggers sites (N.C.F.B.A.) and investigate the excellent writers in this elite group. I learn something every day reading these well thought out posts.
  • I return to work on Monday, having enjoyed two weeks of time off, hopefully refreshed. I am a reformed Vacation Hoarder, I have resolved to use all my vacation and not hold onto it any more, I need the time off.

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