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Some Interesting Stats and Random Thoughts

Some thoughts for a Friday.

  • New housing prices continue to hold steady with a 6.1% year-over-year price increase according to Stats Canada (up to November 2007). Most expensive year-over-year jumps were in Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton and Winnipeg. How do you young folk afford these prices?
  • Spent over 3/4 of an hour updating my Quicken accounts yesterday for my kids’ RESP accounts. TD Canada Trust’s Easyline Mutual fund on line interface really does need the ability to download transactions into Quicken or Microsoft Money. If anyone knows someone at TD Canada Trust, please put that on a wish list. Please do that for Canada Savings Bonds too!
  • Unemployment numbers remained steady at 2.1% for December (year over year), however, Employment slipped a little. Still amazing numbers to see given I remember unemployment numbers much higher when I started working.
  • Monday, things should look different here, well not here, but over at Blogspot, stay tuned, hopefully it all works smoothly.

Enjoy your weekend

Random Thoughts 2008

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