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Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Let’s keep the faith that this Thanksgiving will be enjoyable. My optimistic perspective for the future is hopeful, but guarded. I am adopting this phrase for Thanksgiving this year.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Calm the Hell Down

The year 2023 has been a rough one economically and financially. Personally, it has been rough as well. I am still not very mobile thanks to a severed patellar tendon. COVID is out there, and I don’t want it (again). I continue to argue with the CRA and Revenue Quebec about my brother’s estate. I am older and sorer most days.

Let us be Thankful this Thanksgiving, in Canada for:

  • Our Country and our neighbours (no matter how loud they get)
  • Our families and friends. Remember, a good thing to do at Thanksgiving is to donate to a food cupboard (or food bank) or a Homeless Shelter. Donate regularly to both.
  • We are still a great place to live, for most folks, most of the time.

Thank you to you Good Reader as well. Thanks for dropping by and perusing my writings.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving on Sunday, or Friendsgiving on Monday, enjoy the fellowship.

If you want to have a fun turkey story, read this. It is a fun story written by a good friend.

Real Canadian turkeys always wear plaid and bacon.

Truly a Canadian Bird

Turkey Bacon thanksgiving Christmas
Happy Thanksgiving, and yes, we actually did make this turkey.

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