Opinion: What do I need for Christmas?

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People ask me that question occasionally, and it always makes me think that since I can’t name the 5 things I want straight off the top of my head, there must be something wrong with me.

Ask yourself that question right now, and write down 5 things that you think you need this Christmas. Do it, this is an exercise, you ready? Let’s move forward then.

Of these 5 things, how many do you need so badly that any of the following might happen:

  1. A loved one will leave you.
  2. You will lose your house or job
  3. You will die a painful death
  4. You’ll remember this gift next Christmas
  5. You’ll be using it in six months

Yes (1), (2), and (3) are WAY too dramatic, but are any of the things you want in that category? If so, I hope you get them!

How many gifts that you got last year, do you remember? Do you remember who you got them from? Do you remember why someone bought you this gift? I know I got socks last year, because I didn’t have enough socks (I never have enough socks), I got a cloth bracelet that says “P.U.S.H.”, and I got other wonderful gifts like that (when my wife reads this, I know I will be in trouble, since she will then quiz me about what she got me, as well).

I think this is why people say you should think about the gifts you give for the Holidays (be it Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, Ramadan, or Druid Shortest Day of the Year). My problem is, I am just that thick that I can’t figure out what people REALLY need. I tried a couple of times, but the reaction I got suggested I missed on what I thought that person wanted.

Oh, and another piece of advice is you can never spend too much on a gift at Christmas, however, no matter what the price of the gift there is no guarantee the recipient will remember it a week later either. I know my son won’t, he might eat the ribbon, but it’s doubtful he’ll remember this Christmas much (but we’ll have it on video for him to enjoy later).

Put some thought in your gifts, or better still put your thoughts down on paper and give them, or tell the person you are giving a gift to why you are giving this gift, it might help the gift last a little longer (in their hearts).


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