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Whatever little money you have, make sure you spend it…

This old chestnut is from the first year I started writing here, it’s a little rough around the corners, but I like the thematic premise.

Apologies to my Druid Friends
Don’t Bankrupt Yourself for Christmas.

That’s a paraphrase from the latest George Carlin book, but it is certainly what our society and certainly the retail stores we frequent want us to think. If you don’t spend all your money at Christmas, you are a cheapskate or a communist. The South Park episode where Mr. Hanky teaches the true meaning of Christmas (buy presents) really does sum up what the owners of Wal-Mart hope will happen.

Bankrupting yourself for Christmas or on the Boxing Day sales does not help you. If you worked out and got in shape all summer and then ate as much crap for December and put on 25 pounds, would you be ahead? Nope, and the same is true for your Fiscal Planning (unless you planned to splurge a huge amount of cash that you saved, then I guess it’s ok (no, it’s not, I am facetious)). Keep living to your plan, it may not be fun, but in the spring, you’ll be happier for it when you have money.

Oh, and if you feel you have to blow large amounts of ca$h, please drop some in the Salvation Army kettle (evidently, they are only halfway to their goal in Ontario, and there are only 3 days left in their canvassing). Give to a homeless shelter, give to your Church, or keep the money and give it later. Give of yourself, don’t dig a financial hole that will make you Grinchy in the new year!

Christmas Wishes from the Past

I seem to do this a lot, so here are my Christmas wishes from years gone by:

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  1. If you do it right, you should have just enough money left to take care of your disposal. Really, I don’t think we should be working to make our children rich.

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