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Canajun Finances Home » Identity Theft: CSBs? (and Life is a Carnival)

Identity Theft: CSBs? (and Life is a Carnival)

So the following story on the CBC got me worried, and I guess I’ll need to check the CSB’s I have in my kids’ names to make sure they weren’t pilfered. You would have thought that Canada Savings Bonds would be a low risk investment (with a very low pay back), but when the government’s own system can be broken into whose system is safe? Always watch those balance sheets you get telling you what you have (and make sure you check those credit card bills too, you never know). Identity theft CSBs are not 3 words I expected to ever see together.

Of course it isn’t the government’s fault is it:

The Bank of Canada outsourced all its data and support services to EDS Canada in 2001 and transferred 500 bank employees to the private company.

Amazing, so the security of a government asset is controlled by a private firm? I don’t know it just seems wrong to me (but maybe it’s just me).

Other places my oddly crafted words can be found this week:

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