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Stream of Consciousness Friday

A while back, I got an e-mail from a reader asking me to name some Canadian Financial writers, and I was ashamed to say all that came to mind was Garth Turner and Brian Costello (not that I am sorry to remember Mr. Costello). I am a huge Elvis Costello fan, so I was not surprised that I remembered Brian Costello either (why I remembered Garth Turner is in the bloody news so much these days). To paraphrase Brian Mulroney, there’s no “political hack” like an old “political hack” (in fact, the exact phrase used by Mr. Mulroney referenced another member of parliament, and it was a little more derogatory). Oh, Brian M., I miss your honesty and commentaries!

Naturally, I was shocked that I could not mention other Canadian Financial writers (other than the fine blogging crew that I already link to from this self-same blog), so I went to the Ottawa Library Web Site and looked up these two writers of books and came across many different writers with the query here. Those names include Gordon Pape, Rob Carrick, Ellen Roseman, Alex Doulis and many more.

As for Mr. Turner, I did mention him in a previous posting about his comments about Nortel in 2001, which has proven a little in error in hindsight. We all make mistakes, so I wouldn’t completely ignore his financial insights, temper them with this knowledge as well.

I guess the moral of this story is to keep sending me e-mails so I can think of things to write about. Also, Fridays are hard to figure out something to blog about, so my apologies if this article seems a little disjoint. Oh, and my favourite Elvis Costello album is “Armed Forces” if you are asking.

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