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Weekly Wrap Up

So what have we learned this week? We Canadians are a much richer lot than we were 6 years ago, however, we are also spenders who have driven up our debt load as well, which is never a good thing either. I don’t think I am any richer, monetarily at least, in life I am richer every day for other reasons. Debt-wise, I am one of those “spending” folks, so I cannot argue that point much either. There is Potential for Disaster though as well.

What else have we learned? Canadians should be taxed more, so that they can have a better standard of living (I chuckle every time I write that one). Again, I think I agree in that I am a Socialist at heart, but as you get older, it is much harder to hang on to your socialist leanings, I guess because you look at your tax burden and wonder if anyone else is helping out. I’d like to see a report on how governments could run in a more streamlined fashion, and get costs savings there, and also how they could get themselves out of debt because that is our government’s biggest problem, is their MASSIVE debt load.

We also learned that most of the wealth in this world is held by 1% of the people. If you are one of those 1%, remember to help those in need (like poor bloggers, there is a donation button on the far right :-). That is something the world needs to work on. The world is getting smaller, and that means you keep getting new neighbours because now you know about their troubles, when maybe 20 years ago you didn’t. Shedding light on issues is good, but if nothing is done about it, all it does is make us sadder for knowing it.

An exciting week, where some might wonder what monkey was on the keyboard typing it, but still an interesting week. Remember this is a good weekend to start a new financial plan and a good time to finish your Holiday Shopping (be it Chanukah, Christmas, or Kwanza).

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  1. The wealthy 1% control 1% much of the wealth because that’s what they focus on. If a person concentrates on making money, and then having that money make more money, he will become wealthy financially.

    The wealthy financially are sometimes poor in other ways. People who concentrate too much on one thing are stunted in others. ie… if you’re concentrating too much on making money, you probably don’t have a great emotional life.

    Have a great weekend.

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