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Random Thoughts: Without Inflating it

No Inflation in my Writings

Not Inflating Yet

What with the Interest Rates remaining steady and the CPI only at 1.3% for the year sounds like things are just peachy and rosy in the financial world, but I suspect that the Financial Blogosphere may not completely concur with that statement yet:

Carnivals Too

You can find my post Do you have saving questions? at the Carnival of the Road to Financial Independance.

Random Thoughts from 2010

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  1. I believe the call of bullshit was from my comment, not Larry’s post. I’ve since created a spreadsheet to compare results under 3 different tax system – a 50% flat tax, a 39% flat tax, and a realistic, progressive tax topping at 39% (ie. an Albertan’s tax rate).

    And I actually can’t figure out how they got the numbers they did in the first place. Even the 50% flat tax scenario gives me $550k after taxes in 20 years. (Though I can get $460k if I calculate the tax refunds the more intuitive, but wrong, way.)

  2. Thanks for the mention. I saw Larry’s post on life insurance vs. RRSP, and I was suspicious that the financial planner’s analysis was skewed, but hadn’t formed an opinion yet.

    1. As usual it is easy to skew the numbers and make one option look more attractive, especially if you are selling life insurance for folks over 65 (a new growth industry, which I view as finanicial pornography as well).

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