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Happy Thanksgiving America!

Pass the TurDuckEn

The biggest holiday in the U.S. is today, and I wish my American Brother and all my friends South of the Border a most festive holiday weekend. Evidently, there is more travelling for Thanksgiving than for Christmas, and tomorrow being Black Friday the orgy of spending for Christmas will start in earnest.

Given that many stores are open today in the States, I am confused as to why Black Friday is still so important, but I guess tradition states that it must be the biggest sales day for stores. It is interesting to see that there are online Black Friday sales (even in Canada), which begs the question, Why? I guess we in Canada feel inferior to our American neighbours and must join in with the spending splurge on Friday as well.

Black Friday NT Times
Where Do They Keep the Cheese Straighteners?

Why Black Friday?

The term Black Friday is open to interpretation, it’s first use was to describe the 1869 Stock Market Crash (yes they had Stock Crashes even in the 19th Century), but in more modern times it is associated with the idea of the day that Retailers Break Even on that day (thanks to the massive sales throughput of that day). I think that is an interesting theory, not sure if it is the truth, but a good legend.

Lots of folks get injured on Black Friday chasing down those elusive great buys, and many stores are opening at 4:00 AM to drive their customers’ delirium even higher. I think it would be interesting to observe this, but those crowds scare me, so I would stay away from them.

Much like Boxing Day here in Canada, Black Friday seems to be an excuse to buy another Deluxe Left-handed Cheese Straightener, because it is on sale! There should be a converse day to Black Friday like Declutter Monday where you must now take your excess Cheese Straightener and give it to the Good Will or Salvation Army (maybe have that day in May to create a feeling of need by November again)? Just an idea.

I guess the day after Black Friday is effectively Red Saturday given the amount of money spent by consumers, they are the ones that have now gone into the Red putting retailers into the Black? Again, just conjecture on my part.

Enjoy your Football, Parades and then your spending on Friday, but remember, someone has to pay for all of this eventually.

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