Frugal or Cheap ?

I have asked this question before, with a similar photo, but I ask again, is this cheap or just frugal.

Frugal or Cheap ?
Frugal or Cheap ?

Yes, I did buy a special implement, to make sure the transfers went well, but is it frugal? It works very nicely for HP Sauce bottles as well. When I start mixing the cereal (i.e. putting “the bottom” of a box of old cereal into a newer box), then I will know I have become my mother.


Are You Stupid Cheap ?

A phrase that I will be using from now on.

Standing in line at a Rogers store I looked over at the young lady in the other line. I saw that she had two very small kittens she was carrying in her sweater. Naturally they were as cute as can be, and I asked where they came from. I was told that her and her fiance found them abandoned in a box on a path. One of the kittens had already died but the three others had managed to make it (at the time).

My Cat
Unwanted Kittens Should Go to the SPCA (that is where this cute one came from, unfortunately she thinks she is a computer cosy )

What does this have to do with Stupid Cheap? You have a female cat and you are too cheap to have it neutered, you let it wander around the neighborhood, and you can’t afford to feed the kittens (or keep them), so you dump them in a box on a walking path (OK the last part isn’t Stupid Cheap, that is just evil).

Saving money by not doing important things is not being necessarily Frugal, and at times it is Stupid Cheap. I realize we already we have “penny-wise and pound foolish” but that is too many words.

Other examples of stupid cheap?

  • The car you rely on to get to work needs a brake job, however you put off doing it because it is too expensive, but continue to drive the car, because you need it to get to work. In that situation if you can’t afford the brake job, maybe you can’t afford a car, and should be looking at mass transit?
  • Using expired condoms because you can’t find anything else? Price of condom vs. Price of Child , very big difference, and my advice is keep it in your trousers.
  • You can’t sell off  your poorly performing Mutual Funds because they are back-end loaded and you’d lose lots more money. Seriously? You really need to talk to a real investment adviser, and not your Uncle Sam who sells Mutual Funds too.

Now for my Frugal and Cheap readers, I am not calling you Stupid for being cheap, just be cheap for the right reasons. I have said that 50% off meat is OK as long as you are sure you aren’t poisoning yourself.


Thrifty, Frugal or Cheap?

This one is a fun old post that I did in 2013, and I must admit I still do this with Ketchup, Softener and even Cereal Boxes, but is it thrifty, frugal or cheap ?

Is this thrifty? Frugal? Cheap? A while ago I wrote about how I had become my mother and yet I continue to do things like pictured above. What is this a picture of?

thrifty, frugal or cheap
Thrifty , frugal or cheap ?

When you have bought a new bottle of Fabric Softener but there is still a little left in your old bottle, what do you do?

Do you do this for Ketchup and other condiments?

I have even found a cool universal connection contraption that makes this whole thing much simpler when working with condiments.

Have you ever seen there were only a few Cheerios left in the box so you just dumped them into the new box of Honey Nut Cheerios (thus creating an amalgamation)?

Is this being thrifty, frugal or cheap ?


Ten Things I have said that have Saved Me Money

First let me preface this bit of literary fun with my wife’s comment, “OH MY GOD, NOT ANOTHER Top 10 List!”, as you know that is normally my reaction, but sometimes I read yet another Top 10 list on the web and end up feeling I should ridicule this “cheap pop” writing technique used by far too many writers (including me), however this has saved me money.

Throughout my life there have been a few instances where I have said the right thing, and something good has happened. The most important time was when I asked Mrs. C8j out for the first time.

Top 10 phrases that have saved me money

saved me money
Top 10
  1. What is my price ?
    This should not work, but surprisingly, it has worked, more than once. I learned this from one of my first bosses.
  2. I can’t afford that price, sorry.
    Followed by me leaving, and many times this has worked. Buying cars this works quite well, but you must be willing to leave.
  3. That can’t seriously be the price, is it?
    I blurted that one out at the Future shop and managed to get a much cheaper laptop. The down side was that it was an HP laptop, which I have learned are not of the highest of quality (unless you wish to cook bacon on it).|
  4. What if I pay cash?
    This one rarely works, but it is always worth asking.   Cash is dying a slow death, so this one does not work as well these days.
  5. I know, Mr. Jones, he said I’d get a good price here
    Mr. Jones is a generic name I use, but in more than one instance I (or more specifically Mrs. C8j) has got the “friend of Mr. Jones” price, and it can be quite substantial.
  6.  I would like to close my account with {Bell|Rogers|Fido|Telus| etc.,}.
    This seems to be the only way I get discounts with any telephone, internet or cable supplier. If you don’t get to customer retention, you won’t get the best deal.
  7.  I am not paying for banking, if you won’t give me free banking, I will go to {PC | ING }
    That got me free banking many times, but it has been much harder to get free banking from TD these days. I got a full point knocked off my TD secured line of credit rate, instead.
  8.  {Say nothing simply wear a suit}
    This worked for me many times while traveling, I have been upgraded to business class or access to the business lounge for various airlines. Have no idea why this works, maybe I just look good in a suit?
  9. I am sorry officer I am an idiot, and just didn’t realize how fast I was driving
    As I pointed out in my post about talking nicely to police folk, sometimes not acting like a complete jerk when the police folk stop you, can sometimes be to your advantage.  In fact talking like a complete douche bag to anyone in authority or folks in the service industry will only put you in a much worse place than you were before you opened your mouth.
  10. Do I really look that stupid?
    Yup, I actually did say that when buying a phone, and also a couple of times buying other pieces of technology that I do know something about. It’s a form of intimidation  that you should use sparingly (because you do sound like a douche bag (see (9)).

Did this help you? Do you have other phrases you have used to save money? This has saved me money, but what have you saved money with ?


Garage Sale Tips

It is that time of the year again, when neighbours attempt to fob off their crap that they don’t want, on their friends, neighbours and complete strangers, yes it’s Garage Sale time again.

A garage sale is great for getting rid of stuff you no longer: want, need, can use, or is usable, however, they are not “get rich schemes”. Your goal is to rid yourself of things you no longer need to make space in your house, not to make $200 selling your priceless Art Bigotti Plate.

If your goal is to make enough to take your family out to dinner, that is not a bad goal, but your dinner should be at MacDonald’s not the Ritz.

I don’t like doing Gar{b}age sales, they are not worth the time and effort (in my opinion), I give things to my Church’s Bazaar, and their Garage Sale and I simply throw things out (which don’t last long at the curb as I have said before).  I do not get rid of nearly enough crap in my house, and if I had to use Gar{b}age Sales to carry out this goal, I’d be waist deep in crap (instead of only ankle-deep, as I am now).

Going to a Garage Sale

I hate shopping, so you won’t catch me at a Gar{b}age sale either (unless dragged there, or to ask someone to move their car). I don’t shop, I buy, shopping is not therapy or relaxing to me, I shop occasionally for special things for my wife (OK, I let the sales lady tell me what to buy), but that is the only time.

Bring $20 with you in cash as your budget (better still $5), that way you won’t buy too much (unless you have a crafty seller like me, who will keep stuffing crap into your bag before you leave).


If you have Gar{b}age Sales and you de-clutter your house with it, Good For You and if you make money selling stuff you no longer need any more, Good For You! Even if you simply give the stuff away to de-clutter your house, Good For You!

However, if you go “bargain hunting” at Garage Sales, Shame on You! You do not find diamonds in the pickled egg jar. If you have Garage Sales and then go out and buy more stuff from your neighbours sales, Double Shame on You! The idea is not to make room for more crap, it is to make more room. If you think you are going to make a fortune from your gar{b}age sale, More Fool You, you are doing it to get rid of stuff, if you think you can get rich on this stuff, sell it on Ebay (good luck).

Stay the hell away from Garage Sales.


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