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Glitches, Greece, Recessions and #BestMoneyStories

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Well, wasn’t that exciting on Wednesday? The NYSE (arguably one of the most important stock exchanges in the world) is shut down due to a computer glitch. I have read something like this before in Debt of Honor (by Tom Clancy)? Maybe not, but that was the first thing I thought of when I heard the NYSE was shut down.

Debt of Honor by Tom Clancy
Link to the book on Amazon

The fact that the Wall Street Journal and United Airlines both had issues as well, makes you scratch your head a little as well, doesn’t it? Were there any strange stock prices entered on Wednesday (Read the novel for that reference).

So Greece decided they didn’t like the EU terms for their bailout and are making up their deal? This stuff writes itself, amazingly. I plan on sending TD my terms on how I will not pay much back on my Mortgage as well, and see how that works for me.

American banks seem to think that Canuckstan, I mean Canada, is in a recession. Our latest finance minister disagrees and says, “… it’s a flesh wound, nothing to worry about…”, but it remains to be seen who is right and wrong here.

Speaking of teetering stock markets, China’s latest Stock Market foray seems to be close to a significant fall as well. Not a great week in the investing world I suppose.

My Writings for Week Ending July 10th

A lazy week for me, actually, a hectic week as we prepare for a wedding this week. May not be too much next week we shall see if any Frays or Boultons are at the wedding (Game of Thrones reference) :

Wonder what Glitch Actually Means and Other Financial Fun

Mark from the Blunt Bean Counter is going to work on his golf game this summer (not a bad idea for him), but we will miss his commentaries and helpful hints (absolutely a Credit to all Financial Bloggers). Barry from Money We Have asks a simple but very complex question, Do Same Sex Couples Face Unique Financial Challenges ? The answer in my mind is yes and no, but read Barry’s article, it is an interesting read.

The investing concept is Bonds, (no, not James Bond), and Mark from My Own Advisor gives us Revisiting the Need for Bonds (how will the Empire survive without them?). Speaking of savings, Robb from Boomer and Echo boldly posts a Net Worth Update: 2015 Mid-Year, you guys won’t see this kind of info from me in the near future (unless I win the lottery). Want to learn more about finances? LSM Insurance is giving a away free tickets to CFPC15 (in Toronto) so go try to get some. Investing did you say? Blessed by the potato enters the shark infested waters of active investing with 2014 Active Investing Update: Execution Risk, I think we need a bigger boat.  The Canadian Couch Potato takes a look at another “fool proof”portfolio with Raining on the All Seasons Portfolio. Nothing is fool proof, because fools are just so darn ingenious.

Think you have your retirement expense pull down set with the 4% rule? You might want to read 4% Rule Experiments Using Longevity Statistics, this is a touchy subject with a lot of folks, but you had better be sure your math is correct before you retire.

Credit Card Balance Protection Insurance

Preet returns with another sage piece of advice (and no mention of Airport bathrooms either).

2015 Random Thoughts

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