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2 Day Work Weeks, 4th of July, Greece, and #BestMoneyStories

Thanks to the odd placement of July 1st this year, I am enjoying two 2-day work weeks (unfortunately with a 1-day weekend in between). I did my best to stuff as much as possible into my 1 day weekend.

4th of July

It is the 4th of July on Saturday, and our American relations will show how a Real Party is done. More than one comedian has quipped that the 4th should be renamed Blow Something Up Day, but I am OK with seeing a country truly revel in its own freedoms. Oh, and for those who have said, “I am moving to Canada now that same-sex marriage is legal”, you might want to reconsider things a little. 🗽

Greece, ’nuff said. By the way, who loaned them the money, Money Mart?

According to our friends over at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Bill C-518 died “on the vine”, in the Senate. Bill C-518 was the bill passed in the house of commons that was, “… (the law to revoke taxpayer-funded pensions from criminal politicians)…”, I guess I am curious to ask, “And you thought the Senate would pass it?”. The CTF is always fun to read (I agree with the National Post on that one).

My Writings for Week Ending July 3rd

Now that Canada Day is done, what next? August long weekend? Simcoe Days? Labor Day? Christmas? Yikes! :

The Week the Greek Economy went Boom and other Explosive Money Stories

Mark from 2nd Career Search asks a really hard question (and tries to help answer it) with How Much Can I Spend in Retirement? The answer will depend on your lifestyle, but still some very good points here. In other thoughts (to do with a second career search surprisingly) were you really thinking of quitting your current job? Well here is an interesting article from the Penny Hoarder on How to Quit Your Job: What to do Before You Resign (remember don’t quit before reading it). Getting back to that retirement theme, Marie from Boomer and Echo writes about Protecting Your Nest Egg in Retirement (and ensuring you don’t eat high ash cat food (OK she didn’t write that part)).

Barry from Money We Have took a page out of My Own Advisor’s book and gave us an RRSP Update – July 1, 2015, brave soul that he is (no I won’t be doing that any time soon).  Read on to find out. Million Dollar journey goes into their mailbag with Reader Mail: 17 Year Old Saving $500/Month, What Next ? All I can think is next would be 21 year old goes away to school, and blows entire nest egg on booze and partying.

Mr Money Mustache makes a very interesting philosophical statement, If You Wouldn’t Buy it, You Should Probably Sell it. I won’t ruin it for you, but the opening photo is worth the link. Money Magazine online says that America is Going to Spend BIG to Celebrate independence. How much $725 Million on fireworks alone? That is a lot of BOOM! Do you realize it is also the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Flag? Here is a fascinating History of the Canadian Dollar, as well.

Wealthing Like Rabbits

Wonder what the author looks like? Here he is:

A Money Music Video

This is a groundbreaking early video from the 80s that has a title that means I have No Money, great eh?

2015 Random Thoughts

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