Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all my fellow Fathers out there. My Dad passed away a few years ago, but I still think of his wisdom, humour and how he was Superman to me. One of my favourite stories he told me I include for your enjoyment.

Dad Day
Father’s Day: Dad Just Wants to Know You Are OK


Dad What Do You Want For Father’s Day ?

My Dad passed away a few years ago, and he was never really “on board” with the whole idea of folks fussing about him on a specific day. He did make my brothers and I do something about Father’s Day but only because he knew my Mother would have been upset (his favorite expression was always, “Don’t upset your mother”), and that is really what your Father wants, is for your Mother to be happy (don’t think I am breaking any masonic code with that truth).

If I was your Father what would I want from you? I think it’s pretty darn simple, it’s a short list of simple things you can do that will make your Dad and me happy:

  • Who the heck is that?

    I am still astounded that I am a Father

    Be better than us. Your Dad may be a hero to you, but your goal in life is to be better than him, that way Dads (as a species) keep getting better. You want to show your Father something, be better than him and that will make him happy (we are complicated beings, we Fathers).

  • Be happy. For God’s sake that is what your parents in general want, but Dads in specific. All Fathers want their family to be happy, because when they aren’t happy, we have to talk about things and discuss things (which detracts from our ability to snooze, watch sports and do things we want to do). Your Dad wants you to be happy.
  • Don’t eat the big piece of chicken. OK I stole that one from Chris Rock, but it’s true, if you are in your Father’s house, show some respect, let him have the big piece of chicken, and maybe thank him for what he has done for you (but don’t get all emotional or loud about it, your Dad is OK with, “Thanks Dad“, not some frigging singing card). Conversely your Father should show you respect in your house as well (yes respect is a two-way street).

Your Father wants to know that whatever he taught you (by act, deed or statement), has prepared (or is preparing) you for life, because we don’t want you moving back in with us. Your parents do their best to help you out, but eventually they should be allowed to live their lives too (in most cases, but we will protect our kids who need protection, as well).

Bring your Dad a beer, say “Thanks Dad“, and make sure your Mother is happy and your Dad will be happy. Oh and for the  young ladies out there, tell your boyfriends/husbands to shut up during the football games, your Dad doesn’t really want to hear their opinions either (he just wants to watch the damn game).


My Father’s World

I was very lucky to have a Father, and a very hard-working one, so when I sing this hymn at Church:

This is my Father’s world,
I rest me in the thought
Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas—
His hand the wonders wrought. —Babcock

I smile to myself thinking that while yes the Hymn speaks of God, I truly do live in my own Father’s world. If it weren’t for my Father’s examples of how to live and his hard work (yes and my Mother’s as well, don’t want to get any hate mail on that) I would not have the relatively easy life that I live.

Many of my friends have fractured relationships with their Fathers for many reasons, but it is on Father’s Day that I am thankful for my Father and that I had a good relationship with him. Was my Dad perfect? Far from it (in fact if he were alive, he would agree), but most Fathers do the best they can, and that is all we can ask from them.

Happy Father’s Day


Happy Mothers’ Day

Mothers Day is a day to say thank you to the person who did all those good things for you when you were young and helped you become whatever you are today. Call your Mother and say thank you. Can you guess which Mother this picture is?

An interesting stat is today is one of the busiest days for phone calls, however Fathers’ Day is the day when the most COLLECT phone calls are made during the year. I guess that really sums it all up nicely, doesn’t it. Many of us rely on the “Bank of Mom and Dad“, but remember that analysts are saying that Mom and Dad may be relying on YOU very soon.

Our generation will support the Baby Boomers through their Senior Years, hence why we have been dubbed the Sandwich generation. Keep that in mind, no one is going to take care of YOU financially, but YOU may be relied upon to help others, plan NOW.

Happy Mothers day!


Here is a parable/story from 2005 about a friend and how money spending can turn into a contest between he and his spouse. I don’t agree with this (and there is a part II to the story as well), but read on and see if you hear anything you and your spouse may have said to each other in the past (about spending).

He has lunch out, so I can….

It’s always fun to go out and talk with friends about life and things, but it seems more and more I am intrigued by the “financial fisticuffs” that goes on in some relationships (most relationships actually, but I digress).

I was talking to a friend, and he had mentioned to me that his wife was out-of-town with the kids and that because of that he was taking advantage and going out for lunch during the week. Now on the surface, that doesn’t sound too bad (these folks are doing well financially, so he is not creating any kind of hardship doing this, and it is not like he was saying, “I am dropping by the strip club every night”) but after I had a chance to think about it I had time to think that this kind of behavior is still perilous in a relationship (any kind, marriage, business, whatever).

This kind of secrecy is a slippery slope to take, especially with money (but in general as well). If you do something, which you know might upset your spouse or partner, so you don’t tell them about it while in many occasions is prudent, nobody likes to “argy bargy” about things, it may be a symptom of a larger problem.

Money is one of those things that can destroy all parts of any relationship. Normal rational humans can become completely unglued and do the strangest out of character things, all in the name of money, keeping it, or spending it (or worse still in reaction to what someone else is doing with money).

If you feel you have to hide how you are spending your money from your partner, you really must ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”. Maybe you need to talk to your partner frankly about this behavior, because you might be surprised to find out what your partner thinks.

We leave this posting for now, but I will continue it in a day or so with the next step in this kind of “monetary trickery”, and more to the story I am telling.


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