Happy Civic Holiday

Welcome to the oddest civic holiday of the year in Ontario. Most holidays have a name, “Labour Day”, “Thanksgiving”, etc.,etc., but not this holiday. This holiday has different names all over Ontario (in Quebec, they call it “the Monday after Construction Holiday”), so no one really gives this holiday the respect it deserves.

The holiday also takes place at the start of August, when a lot of people are already on vacation, so it kind of passes without getting noticed by some folk.

Heck, most stores and the Beer store are open today, so most folks in the retail world, don’t get today off.

The Unknown Holiday

Enjoy your “holiday” Ontarians (and others across Canada who give the holiday a name), but maybe we need to give this holiday a name? Here are some that I propose:

  • Ontario The Good Day, it reflects the rest of Canada’s opinion of us.
  • Rene Levesque Day, he did more for the Toronto economy than any one man ever.
  • OHIP Day, no program is more important, coveted or talked about, so let’s have a day for it.
  • Coffee Day , it gives the holiday a multi-cultural feel to it, and is there any one drink that deserves a holiday named after it? It’s also on a Monday!
Coat of Arms of Ontario

Ontario’s Coat of Arms, Cool eh?


Happy Canada Day

Canada Day 2014 is here, and we are all off celebrating a ludicrously long weekend, and celebrating Canada’s 147th birthday (not long until big number 150).

Canadian Flag

Happy Canada Day

Enjoy the day, be astounded by this great nation that we live in, and its majesty and beauty.

For your enjoyment, a short from the NFB that sums up Canada Nicely:

Canada Vignettes: The Maple Leaf

One more for good luck also by Mr. Paul Bochner:

Canada Vignettes: Faces


Happy Victoria Day

Yes it is a holiday finally, and I get to enjoy the first long weekend since Easter (which seems a long way away). No stores are open around me, but Ottawa has some benefits that other Ontario cities don’t have because we have the Rideau Center, which is deemed a “Tourist Area” so all of its stores will be open and we are across the river from Gatineau/Hull and there all stores are open today. Will I go shopping? I might run to Tim Horton’s to have a Pro-Monarchist Coffee and Donut, but that is about it.

Happy Victoria Day

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria, no doubt wondering where Prince Albert is (in the can would be my guess)

Why do we celebrate this holiday still? We need a holiday in May as simple a reason as that. In Quebec they call it Journée nationale des patriotes , and not much is closed (so maybe I can get my beer over there?).


The Workers Control the Means of Production, Happy Labour Day

Yes my Union Brothers let us celebrate the Workers control of the means of production, Happy Labour Day to all my hard-working brother and sisters. Sorry, it’s in my contract I have to write that.

Labor Day

Labor Day

Let us celebrate the worker today, who on their back Canada was built:

  • Our hard-working farmers, and the workers on farms (many times migrant workers), without them, we do not eat!
  • The factory worker who builds your stoves, fridges and even computers (yes some of them are still built-in Canada).
  • The cooks, servers, and cleaning staffs at all those restaurants we frequent, not a great job to have, but I appreciate your hard work.
  • The service workers who work in our banks, stores, cinemas, etc., etc.,, but also the new age service folks who answer the phones on the help lines (no not all of them are in India, my daughter works in a call center). Hard jobs, because you have to deal with hot-headed customers (like me sometimes).
  • And all my other working brothers and sisters, I say thank you and enjoy your day off (if you do, in fact, get the day off).

Labour day doesn’t have anything to do with Communism or the like, it is about Workers and today we should celebrate all their hard work!


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Happy Holiday with No Name

Yes it is the first Monday in August holiday (here in Ontario), it goes by many names, however I don’t think this poor holiday does not have an official name, but enjoy it with your family, as I am. One of my favorite songs is America’s Horse with No Name, but that doesn’t really have much to do with this topic.

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Enjoy the extra day off!


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