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Rhinos Return, No Good Debt, Election Banter and #BestMoneyStories

I was tickled pink to see that my favourite party had returned, the Rhinoceros Party for this election. This party had a plank in their platform about damming the St. Lawrence River for Hydro-Electric power. In Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s riding, it ran another candidate with the name Pierre Trudeau (I got to vote in that election in that very riding). Their first plank for this election in their platform? Nationalize Tim Horton’s! Glad to see the return to common sense politics.

I was glad to see Steadyhand come out with the commentary Good Debt, Bad Debt which points out the alarming rise in Canadian debt. Tom Bradley’s commentaries about the Banks encouraging an already heavily in debt society that a concept of “Good Debt” distresses him, and I agree. With low-interest rates about to go away, what will happen when the rates go up? Thanks to reader @Gene2u for pointing this out. An excellent article.

The rest of the parties seem very excited about the Mike Duffy trial, except for Mr. Harper, who hopes we aren’t watching it. We’ve lost 1 or 2 candidates thanks to unfortunate tweets in their past (I guess I’ll never be running for public office) as well. That is about all that has been going on in the election.

Gas prices continue to drop, which is bound to screw up the CPI for the coming months, but with oil sitting at below $40 a barrel, it is about time that gas prices dropped. Is this doing any good for Canada? It depends on where you live. If you live in Alberta, NO!

Did you realize there are 77 Expiration Dates that you Should Track? Time Magazine has an interesting list for you.

My Writings for Week Ending August 21st

The summer is slowly coming to a close, and an entertaining fall lies ahead (with plenty of election shenanigans and tom-foolery):

Change your bank
Keep this in mind if you want to change your Bank

I am also mentioned in this fun article too:

Plenty of Good Money Stories from this Week

Do you have a small business? If so, how are you going to exit the company when you retire or for other reasons? If you haven’t thought about that (much), the Blunt Bean Counter went into his archives to give us  Estate Freeze – A Tax Solution for the Succession of a Small Business, and it points to a bunch of other useful resources in this area.

Barry from Money We Have has written about Bad Financial Advisors already (on this site), but wants to ensure you don’t get trapped by one of these cruel creatures, so he wrote Recognizing Bad Financial Advisors. Last week I highlighted a couple of frugal NFL players, and this week Mark from My Own Advisor brings us, Frugal Athletes – Including One Who Lives in a Van, which highlights still more frugal athletes.

Michael James asks a good question (that I made the flippant comment, “Who cares, you are dead”) What Happens to My CPP if I die Early? Again, my only advice on the topic is don’t die early (as with all retirement questions). Speaking of CPP, Mark from 2nd Career Search implies Americans Envy the Canada Pension Plan? Not really, but it is still a fascinating read (pension envy, is that a real thing?). With even more retirement talk, Boomer and Echo had a Guest Writer talk about I’d Rather Be Fishing: My Early Retirement Story. I’d rather everyone else was fishing too, so there were fewer cars on the road!

Breaking Mortgages

Going into Preet’s archives for this one, how much will it cost to break your mortgage?

Deep Thoughts

From the Stanford School of Business

2015 Random Thoughts

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