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Back to School, London Calling, Basic Cable and #MoneyTalk

It is that magical time when kids go back to school, and life goes back to a more normal pace (for parents). If you just took your child to Kindergarten, what are your plans for their University Education? Might be time to start thinking about an RESP, don’t you think?

Back to school is always a fun time, Thanksgiving is around, Pumpkin Lattes are everywhere and Christmas stuff is available in Costco. Halloween candy has been available since the end of July in most stores, and we wonder why people spend so much? If I bought a box of Halloween candy in August, I would be buying more in August, September and October as well. All I can think of when I see this is one of my favorite songs by the Clash, “Lost in the Supermarket” (from the album London Calling).

I’m all lost in the supermarket
I can no longer shop happily
I came in here for a special offer
Guaranteed personality

What would you do if your vacation was ruined by a hurricane? I guess that is something to check with your travel insurance. Sounds like a possible fraud too, as I got an email about making claims on my travel insurance due to the current hurricane (and I am not even on vacation).

There was a disgusting story on Reddit about someone trying to get their 80 year old mother a basic cable & phone package, and Rogers refusing to offer their basic package to the consumer. It is not that surprising, but still shows why the CRTC’s ability to police the Communication Monopolies is nonexistent.

We in Ottawa found out our Light Rail System will not be ready as planned, and isn’t likely to be ready for a good long time. Is this surprising? Not if you actually looked at the work sites daily (like those of us who take the bus). When will it be ready? No one is willing to set a date.

My Recent Writings

Haven’t written one of these in a while, so there is a dearth of things to read written by me (maybe not a dearth, more like a small pile).

On Being Laid Off (a 10 year retrospective) sums up that I was lucky to be laid off when I did, but at the time I wouldn’t have thought that was possible. Another example of right time, wrong reason can still work out. Still doesn’t take the sting out of being laid off though.

Inflation looks like it might be making a comeback, given Inflation is at 2011 levels again. If all this tarif nonsense keeps up, that could be a big contributing factor, luckily in Ontario we have a buck-a-beer.

Rakuten Kobo Canada

How we Doin’ now, is more of a statement of, I am not dead yet. I am still at this, but I am kind of busy with life at the same time.

Why would you have more than one savings plan for your disabled child? Why wouldn’t you if you can, is a better question, and that is the contents of Why an RESP for a Disabled Child ?

Social Media Money

If the following Tweet does not make your blood run cold, I don’t know what will. That much income and still having financial issues? Wow.

Back to School Fun

Now that everyone is back from summer vacation, we can get going! Where we are going, I am never quite sure, but keep moving forward.

  • TD is revamping their online brokerage (according to the Globe and Mail). What was more astounding to me is that there are $373 Billion in assets in brokerages run by the big six banks. It shouldn’t be, I suppose, given folks are saving for their future, but what would a market correction do to that?
  • Our friend Milburn Drysdale is celebrating 10 years of bashing his head against a wall? No, I think it is publishing really useful information on Autism, answering questions and helping. Thanks to him, he has helped me out a great deal!
  • Our amigo in money, Michael James, wrote a very good piece on Where Retirement Income Plans Fall Down. Here is a hint, you are involved in this failure (unfortunately).
  • The Blunt Bean Counter asks a question he has asked before, Are Accountants Really Boring? Iwent to school with a bunch of them, and know a few, they aren’t as boring as advertised, just don’t carry an Excel Spreadsheet with you, or they might get all crazy with the numbers.

Technology Tweet of the Week

This is a tweet (and graphic) that I really wish I had written, because it is very concise and to the point.

Loony Tunes Thought to End the Day

Before I knew better, I thought this is how everyone’s work day started… mind you I didn’t think everyone tried to KILL their co-workers during the day… but maybe I was wrong about that too?

When I can use Wile E. Coyote in a Tweet I will go there every day, all day!

The New 2018 Random Thoughts

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