Holiday Cheer Volume 4: Happy Boxing Day

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For my regular readers, I am so lazy swamped over the holidays that I am taking some time off and putting up a “Best of” anthology until the New Year (January 4th to be exact). Enjoy two Best of posts a day over the Holidays and have yourself a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Well that was a blur wasn’t it? The toys, the noise and excitement and then the Boxing Day sales, that will now go on for the next 4 months, isn’t capitalism a wonderful thing? For most of us, we get Monday off as “Boxing Day”, but fear not good reader, I still have my shovel out digging up old “nuggets” from the past year.

The Most Hideous (2009/02/09)

I opened my Ottawa Citizen on Saturday and I saw this picture and I was hit by a combination of revulsion, anger, and lurid curiosity…..

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Boxing Day: Just Because it’s on sale  (2008/12/26)

… doesn’t mean you have to buy it!

This is the mantra you should be repeating to yourself as you walk through the Boxing Day sales.

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Car or Bus? (2009/08/11)

That is one of the big questions I have to think about given my new appointment.

In my previous job, there really was no reason to take the bus because: …….

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