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Random Thoughts: So Many Questions

I was astonished at the response I had to my posting Do you have saving questions? and I thank all of those who posted about their financial situations. I will not comment on them specifically, but I am astounded by the responses. That piece started as something completely different and then I realized how many questions I had written and wondered if I could make an entire post of questions.

My Questions from the Last While

New Year Random Thinking

Naturally, other intriguing posts by my Financial Blogging brethren are well worth a few minutes to peruse in your spare time:

Has the New Year already turned sour on you? That’s OK, the Lemon crop is about to fail in Florida, so you can’t make Lemon-aid either…

Random Thoughts from 2010

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  1. Thanks for the link. Yes, I’ve re-engaged my gadgety side lately. Now I’m on the hunt for an AV receiver with high definition audio, and Faroudja video processing. There’s an Onkyo with THX certification, but it’s around $1,000 and I really don’t NEED that… do I?

    But wow wa wee wa, playing hi def video games on a 52″ TV is lots of fun!!!

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