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CPFC15, Election Day, Jays and #MoneyStories

What could possibly be interesting at a meeting of a bunch of Personal Finance folks? I am not sure, but I am going to go and find out this weekend at CPFC15. I am hoping I will meet with my peers and they will enlighten me on why I  work for slave wages, yet I continue to be a 6 Figure Blogger as well. I guess I will get to make some new acquaintances and possibly watch a lot of Blue Jays games in various bars around Toronto.

Ascending and Descending
Escher in LEGO? FABULOUS, sums up the election quite nicely

Don’t forget that Election Day is on Monday, and it’s crucial that you exercise your right to vote. If you don’t, then you have no right to complain about the outcome. As for me, I haven’t made up my mind yet, and I have no intention of sharing my decision with Mr. Pollster, who pesters me every night. However, I suspect that we may have to vote again next year if there’s a dead heat on Monday. So, make sure to get out there and vote!

If the Liberals get into power, how will they “roll back” that TFSA limit? Going to be quite interesting, no matter how you slice it.

It seems Toronto will be rocking this weekend, but not just with out-of-control Personal Finance folks, with the Blue Jays making it to the AL Championship Series (after one of the more exciting games I have ever watched (and I have been watching for over 44 years)).

My Writings for Week Ending October 16th

The Thanksgiving weekend gave me time to dust off a few old ideas and catch up on a little bit of writing.

Money Stories and other Horror Stories

I am a man who fancies himself to be witty sometimes. However, Michael James does win the funniest (and most concise) post of the week with his Credit Card Bill parody, I laughed out loud (luckily the folks I work with are sure I am mad). So what are The Income Tax Implications of Selling U.S. Real Estate ? You know who might know about that? Our friend the Blunt Bean Counter, and luckily he wrote about it too.

Whom is going to be at CPFC15 ? For one our friend Tom Drake from the Canadian Personal Finance Site (we will finally be meeting face to face) and he outlines what should happen this weekend with CPFC15 Money Tips: Meet the Experts Attending the Canadian Personal Finance Conference.

Do you like the Dividends? Our amigo Mark from My Own Advisor is a big fan of it, but one of his readers wanted to get in on the discussion, which then caused this interesting article to be written, Dividend Earner why I’m living off dividends and distributions. Do you like spending? Michael James wants to talk to you (again) about this very topic with Typical Spending vs. Average Spending , you might think you have enough to live on but do you really? Do you like the Credit Cards? As a few bloggers have pointed out Tangerine is offering a new card, and in Tangerine’s No-Fee Cash-back MasterCard – The New Cash Back King? Million Dollar Journey outlines this interesting card option.

Best Election Video

And this guy is running against Stephen Harper (in Harper’s riding), this is an astonishingly imaginative video:

2015 Random Thoughts

My Twitter feed is where I re-tweet many great articles by some of my featured writers (and make the occasional odd or off color commentary on life (in 140 characters or less)). I am also on reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest , Flipboard, Instagram and other Social Media sites (look for the BigCajunMan userid) as well. If you have social media accounts, don’t forget to vote for my posts (see the nifty dashboard on the bottom of each article, where you can cast your votes).As they say in Quebec, vote early and vote often!

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  1. Please no rollback of the TFSA! It’s about the only tax break I can receive anymore now that I’m retired and unable to contribute to my RRSP. Remember the TFSA is funded with money that has already taxed.

    1. You old retired folks with your pensions and your living too long!!!

      Yeh, I am curious to see how some of the “dismantling of ideas” actually happens… but we shall see

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