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Black Friday is here with alleged savings as far as you can see, even in Canada? The claim is that even in Canada there will be amazing Black Friday sales? What happens if you don’t really want to buy anything? The entire Black Friday thing is getting out of control, and seems to be an excuse to entice folks to spend more darn money, whether they need to, or not! Just how many deluxe, left-handed, artisan cheese straighteners do you need?

Santa at Home Depot

The Spirits of Xmas: Santa 75% off with a Monkey in a Palm Tree

Don’t spend all your hard-earned cash on Friday either, because there are the Cyber Monday sales that will be astounding and eye-popping? Again, if you really have no reason to buy anything, or don’t need anything, why would you care?

I would like to propose a new day after American Thanksgiving and we should call it Regretful Tuesday, where folks look back on the orgy of spending and eating they have done, and they suddenly get a bad case of guilt? My guess is that is precisely what does happen.

For those watching the Ontario Legislature, Rowan’s Law has been introduced and should be passed soon. There is a petition for this law, it should be interesting to see how this changes children’s competitive sports and coaching.

Ottawa’s football team is in the Grey Cup for the first time since before I moved here. It truly will be a RedBlackGrey Cup. Go RedBlackRenegadeRoughRiders!

My Writings for Week Ending November 27th

It was a buys week, as I got out 3 posts this week. It is not quite like my prodigious hay days when I used to pump out 5 posts a week, but better than usual:

  • Canadians Paid Even More For Food in October (4.1%) and things are not looking like they are getting any better in terms of Canadians trying to keep their families fed. Thanks to cheap gas (which we can’t drink) we continue to have a skewed view of inflation.
  • We were very happy to get the Notice of Determination on Disability Tax Credit letter in the mail, as it was in our favor in terms of tax considerations for my son’s disability. Mrs. C8j did a great job, so we can continue saving for my son’s future.
  • What the Hustler Taught Me About Banking is another one of my ideas that has been percolating for a while, in my archives of unfinished work. Given the reaction in terms of comments, other folks liked the idea too.

Facebook Post of the Week

What is the difference between a concussion and a simple bump on the head? The National Post takes a run at that question

Is it Cyber Monday or Khyber Monday?

Our favorite festive Accountant Mark from the Blunt Bean Counter asks an interesting question Can You Deduct Your Own Labour and is Your RRSP Creditor Proofed? The answer (of course) is not what you think, and in the case of your RRSP you might want to find other places to hide your money if you plan on declaring bankruptcy too (spoiler alert). With that idea in mind Barry from Money We Have wants to know What do You Really Know About Money? Again, you might surprise yourself in how much you may not know. I know far less than many of my peers have forgotten about money and investing.

In my commentary on his writing I liked a Credit Card to a Chainsaw, you’ll have to read Mark from My Own Advisor’s piece Fools with tools – credit cards, to completely get the gist of the point I was trying to make, but I suspect I have another article that may use that exact analogy. Mark from 2nd Career Search is back from a short sabbatical from writing with Americans Love To Be Frightened, which is quite true. On the other hand, Robb from Boomer and Echo comments on relative time-frames in life with Waiting is the Hardest Part, however, if you never start then you wouldn’t have to wait either? (yes very bad advice in terms of debt reduction, on my part).

The Frugal Trader is also having a giveaway and has reviewed a book that is quite popular these days, Let’s Get Blunt About Your Financial Affairs – Book Review and Giveaway, and one day I will write a review myself, but then again, I’d have to review the 8 books before it I was supposed to review. TechCrunch (which I usually read for technical computer articles) had a very interesting commentary with The Disruption of Millennial Investing, however, they seem to forget that many millennial don’t believe that interest rates can ever go up, either.

Speaking of Bill Lee (the former Expos pitcher), one of my favorite quotes from him was, “Nobody is as good as Steve Rogers thinks he is…”, and with that in mind Michael James does a few of his own baseball analogies in his post The Overconfidence Gap, it is important to believe in yourself, but every man (and woman) needs to know their limits as well (hence why I don’t run marathons, or even run for the bus any more).

Malwarebytes Black Friday Deal - 6 Months Free

See a Penny Pick it Up?

John Oliver’s HBO show tackled the issue of the U.S. Penny in his final show of the season. Quite hilarious as usual, too bad there won’t be any new shows until February.

Disruptive Behavior

Preet comments on disruption in investing ideas, but is it really disruptive?

2015 Random Thoughts

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  • My Own Advisor November 27, 2015, 6:16 PM

    Consumerism in it’s finest hours 🙂

    Thanks for the mention!

  • Michael James November 27, 2015, 8:57 AM

    I think I’ll continue my string of consecutive Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays where I buy nothing. Thanks for the mention.

    • bigcajunman November 27, 2015, 9:31 AM

      If you don’t spend money, the bad guys have won….


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