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Canajun Finances Home » Star Wars, Christmas Money, Shaw gets Wind and #MoneyStories

Star Wars, Christmas Money, Shaw gets Wind and #MoneyStories

The world changes today, with the full release of the 7th chapter of the ongoing Star Wars Saga (at least that is what the Media Hype Machine might have you believe). I am old enough to remember going to the Snowden cinema in Montreal to watch the original release (chapter 4) in the ’70s. I like the movies, but I am just not that psyched to want to go to the movie just yet. I’ll wait until January after I have heard all the spoilers online. There is a very festive Star Wars clip at the end of this post too.

Jaba the Hut
Jaba, your cholesterol looks high too!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping frenzy? I am sure I have not, but that is part of the holiday season for me (the Christmas week panic).

Interesting to see that Shaw Communications has bought Wind Mobile (or is proposing to do so), which could mean more competition in the mobile phone industry, which is never a bad thing (in my opinion). Shaw says they won’t be changing Wind’s low-cost plans, and that would be a very good thing, especially if they improve the coverage map, but that remains to be seen.

Scheduling note:
since next Friday is the big day, don’t expect to see anything from me, other than my typical Christmas Address, but there will be my traditional end of year festivities.

My Writings for Week Ending December 18th

Our tree is up, but there are still far too many things to do before the big day. I think I may have misunderstood the message on this one on TFSA Transfers. The spirit of Dickens’ Christmas Carol got to me with Financial Hauntings

On the sister site, there was a new security update as well.

Facebook Post of the Week

I posted on my regular feed an old article that Larry MacDonald did in 2008 with me as the subject and now everyone at work is asking me about investing questions? Larry is writing a follow-up in the Globe.

Advent is almost over

Mark from the Blunt Bean Counter was a guest on a podcast and if you are wondering what he looks like, make sure you check out his follow-up the article about it, Getting Your Financial Affairs in Order The American political system fascinates me sometimes, and evidently, it worries Mark from 2nd Career Search, who wrote about. Increasing American Democracy .

Million Dollar Journey provided an impressive financial freedom update. The NYMag asks Is There a Biological Purpose for Profanity? I f*cking well hope so, is all I can say. Speaking of profanity at least there is Beer in some Grocery stores in Ontario, again about f*cking time.

Mark from My Own Advisor brings us 5 signs you’re a financial disaster, is it a bad thing I recognize some of those in me?

Did you realize that Mutual Funds have classes? I knew a little about this, but luckily Marie from Boomer and Echo elaborated more on this with Easy As ABC? Understanding Different Mutual Fund Classes. I knew about E-series, that is for sure.

Michael James continues on with his contrarian ways with ETF Investment Tips I Don’t Follow, where he finds a few things on a good list of stuff that he won’t do with his ETF investing.

TFSA Rules on a White Board

Preet explains the new TFSA rules to us on a whiteboard, very informative

Star Wars Yule Log

Nothing says Christmas more than a funeral pyre, I always say, and this video is 5 hours long

2015 Random Thoughts

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