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Do you realize that November is Financial Literacy month here in Canada? This means more interesting articles this month from some of your favorite authors banging home some of the more important topics in Financial Literacy. A good month to start reading some new finance sites and learning more about things you might not know enough about.

Financial Literacy Month

Interesting new Cabinet Mr. Trudeau has chosen, half of the ministers are women too? A bold statement, we shall see how it all rolls down hill. The new finance minister has a challenge ahead, will he choose envelope B, and blame the Tories for leaving an empty cupboard, or cooking the books? That does seem to be the normal way to do things when you are elected.

The Hydro One IPO is coming up very soon, with a great deal of hub-bub and foofera. Is it a good thing? Is it a good deal? Should you invest in it? I most likely will invest in it, as it will most likely be reflected in one of my core Index Funds, but I will not be buying the stock directly.

My Writings for Week Ending November 6th

A busy week for me this week at home so not a great deal of new content for your Financial Literacy learning, but still some new content:

  • For those non-Church goers out there Sunday was All Saints day and I did manage to put out a best of tweets post with All Saints’ Money Tweets , some interesting stuff in there.
  • The one new post for the week was a play on the assertive way many presenters try to convince you of the “truthiness” of their statement with 99.9% of Financial Bloggers Agree, I was thinking of title’ing it 30 Helens Agree (financially), but changed my mind (Kids in the Hall are always a fun thematic premise to work from, I could write about these are the Marks in Finance I know…) .
  • I have talked about Financial Literacy in the past so here is last years start with What is Financial Literacy.

Facebook Post of the Week

It seems that there is a rule that some financial folk don’t agree on? Nice to see me mentioned though:

Money Stories and Dark Thoughts

Mark from Blunt Bean Counter wants you to learn about Tax Loss Selling (2015), which is a pretty darned advanced Financial Literacy topic, but something you might want to learn about soon, so it is good to read through his explanation of the rules around this tax concept. I have written before about the Tyranny of Choice, but Marie from Boomer and Echo captures the problems well with How Much Choice Is Too Much?

Scotia Bank Value Visa
If part of your Financial Literacy goals for this month is learning about investing, Mark from My Own Advisor brings us ETFs and dividend stocks built to last for your portfolio.  Barry from Money We Have goes head-on at the topic of Financial Literacy with Financial Literacy Month with Tangerine Bank, some good tips there. Do Canadians consider themselves Financially Literate? The Credit Counselling Society says, Fewer of us View Ourselves as Financially Literate compared to last year. Maybe that is a good thing? Good Friend of this site Kerry from Squawkfox wrote in the Globe and Mail this week about Save, spend, share, invest: How to talk with small kids about money, teaching your kids financial literacy is essential (that and Sex Ed, but that is just my opinion). Common Cents Mom explains this month nicely with Financial Literacy Month is Here! #FLM2015Did you know there is a Financial Literacy Self-Assessment On-Line ? There is and you should go check it out.

I don’t know if I am becoming a bad influence on Michael James but his Financial Dictionary is humorous, but in a very dark way, and it is an important read for anyone wanting to reach Financial Literacy. I don’t want to spoil it for you but my favorite definition is his Pay Day Loans definition, you need to go read that.
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Preet on New Taxes

Preet put this up on the Globe site last week, but no matter he draws it, I am still out $1367 dollars thanks to these new tax cuts? For you rich folk at the top of that graph, I am genuinely sorry that you have more money than I do, and have to pay more taxes (not sure that sounds as sincere as it should).

2015 Random Thoughts

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  • My Own Advisor November 9, 2015, 5:37 PM

    Busy weekend…getting caught up!

    Thanks for the mention!

    Gooooooo RRRRRRRRRedBlacks!

  • Michael James November 6, 2015, 3:22 PM

    I’m glad you liked the definitions. It’s hard to stay away from just taking cheap shots and making definitions that convey an important message. Thanks for the mention.

    • bigcajunman November 6, 2015, 4:16 PM

      Leave the cheap shots to hacks like me 🙂


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