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Always Buy Two (Advent Financial Calendar Box 2)

A while ago, Mrs. Caj and I discovered that our upstairs toilet’s wax gasket was not working, and thus it was leaking, so we decided that this was a home repair project we could tackle (we have done it before). We have the Time/Life book of complete home repair, which explains how to fix this problem, so I went off to the Hardware store and picked up two wax ring gaskets (or flanges).

Always Buy Two?

Simple, I know my inability to do anything correctly (when it comes to home repair or improvement) the first time. I usually succeed on the projects I attempt (I don’t try things I know I can’t do), but I usually mess it up the first time, so I have learned the importance of buying backup parts for the project.

This home repair would have cost well over $100 if I could have found a plumber that would have come in on a Sunday, but in the end, it cost me $13 (for both flanges). It also needed to be done, given the toilet is on the second floor of our house, and this kind of leak can really mess up the main floor ceiling and possibly compromise the home’s structural integrity (water damage to trusses). We also replaced the toilet flapper, which caused water to leak, which cost me money (water bill).

My wife and I were also still talking to each other afterwards (occasionally, we quibble in this kind of project).

Advent Financial Calendar Box Day 2

For your Financial Advent Calendar, today’s box has a slip of paper in it:

Day 2: Investigate and open a TFSA account for January 1. 

Sort of a Financial Christian Fortune Cookie. Open one for your wife as well!

Personal Finance Advent Calendar

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  1. Oh no! I hate when stuff like that backfires.

    In positive news you just convinced me to sign up for a TFSA account before the holidays eat up all my free time. I won’t be able to use it until January 1st, but it will be there waiting for me when I do get to use it.

  2. Before reading the comments, I was thinking you could return the unused gasket. Now I see that we were not given the whole story.

    You’re brave to have tackled the project. We replaced a showerhead with a more efficient model. It leaks …

  3. Well the story continues… yes I needed the second gasket and maybe I should have mentioned the loud BANG when the water was turned back on. Think we might need a plumber now.

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