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Advent Financial Calendar Box Day 14

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So far in our Advent Calendar we have opened 14 boxes, let us review:


Except for Day 1, where there was nothing in the box, we have learned a lot about Personal Finance, let’s open the box for day 14.

In the box is a Stock Certificate for ACME Buggy Whips. That’s an odd thing to find in our calendar, but it signifies the importance of being diligent with your investments. Advent is an excellent time of year to re-balance your investments to make sure that you are not too heavily weighted in any one area (unless that is your plan) . Examine your investments, is this an area you think you should still be in? Research how and where you are invested and make sure it is still relevant (I’m sure in 1900 ACME Buggy Whips was a great investment, might not be in 2008, though).

Not an actual certificate

Unless you have a portfolio designed to need little monitoring, stay up to date with your investments.

Personal Finance Advent Calendar


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